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Georgia General Assembly > Legislation
Representative Matt Dollar
2017-2018 Regular Session
Authored Legislation
HB 196Income tax; exemption for royalties paid to musical artists; provide
 Status: Apr/25/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 229Postsecondary education; yearly tuition and student fee increases within the university system; limit
 HC:  HEdSC: 
 Status: Feb/07/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 579Local government; cannot ban or regulate short-term and vacation rentals; provide
 HC:  RegISC: 
 Status: Mar/15/2017 - House Second Readers
HR 109Skin Cancer Awareness Day at the capitol; January 31, 2017; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/25/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 110Jones, Skylar; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/25/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 159University System of Georgia; increases in tuition or fees at institutions shall not exceed rate of inflation; authorize General Assembly - CA
 HC:  HEdSC: 
 Status: Feb/07/2017 - House Second Readers
HR 443Eating Disorders Awareness Week in the State of Georgia; February 26, 2017 through March 4, 2017; National Eating Disorders Awareness Week; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/27/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 532Cox, Lainie; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/09/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 533Krakowski, Sarah; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/09/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 534Wilhoit, Sara Grace; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/09/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 771Cristian, Ana; outstanding academic and fencing career; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/28/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HB 277Income tax credit; sound recording industry in less developed areas; provide eligibility
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/09/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 310Secondary metal recyclers; certain used lead acid vehicle batteries; exclude applicability
 HC:  RegISC: 
 Status: Mar/30/2017 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HB 403Interstate cooperation; Senate Interstate Cooperation Committee and House Committee on Interstate Cooperation; clarify number of members
 HC:  IntCSC: 
 Status: Mar/30/2017 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HR 152Johnson Ferry Christian Academy; honor
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/31/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 903Ettel, Ed and Mary; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/19/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HB 250Foster homes; employee with satisfactory fingerprint records check in past 24 months exempt from additional background check; provide
 Status: May/08/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 361Fulton County; Board of Education; contributions made into the pension and retirement plan by employees shall be considered employer contributions for tax purposes; provide
 Status: May/09/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 431The Georgia Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Act of 2001; Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act of 2015; change certain provisions
 HC:  EU&TSC: 
 Status: Feb/22/2017 - House Second Readers
HR 76Taiwan; relations with United States; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/24/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 716Judge, Jason Michael; outstanding academic and athletic career; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/24/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HB 440Sandy Springs, City of; Fulton County; change corporate boundaries
 Status: May/09/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor  - Vetoed
HB 66Banking and finance; money transmission transactions by financial institutions; provide certain fees
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Jan/24/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 200Local boards of education; adopt policies authorizing students to carry and self-administer sunscreen; require
 HC:  EdSC: 
 Status: Feb/02/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 291Domestic Violence Helping Hands Act; enact
 HC:  RegISC: 
 Status: Feb/10/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 452Georgia Bureau of Investigation; publicly post certain information to extent permitted by federal law; require
 Status: May/08/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor
HR 558Pehrson, James; condolences
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/09/2017 - House Read and Adopted