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Georgia General Assembly > Legislation
Representative Erica Thomas
2019-2020 Regular Session
Authored Legislation
HB 587Mableton, City of; Cobb County; incorporate
 HC:  GAffSC: 
 Status: Mar/11/2019 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HB 783Education; raise the age of mandatory education for children from 16 to 17
 HC:  EdSC: 
 Status: Jan/16/2020 - House First Readers
HR 839Foster Care and Adoption Day at the state capitol; May 30, 2019; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Apr/02/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 840Fibroid Awareness Month at the state capitol; July, 2019; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Apr/02/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 375Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/26/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 511Oscar winners and nominees from the State of Georgia; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/13/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 512Georgia's Grammy winners and nominees; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/13/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 872Birdsong, James C., Jr.; receiving the 2019 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Apr/02/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 577Working for Two Act; enact
 HC:  H&HSSC: 
 Status: Mar/25/2019 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HB 636Use of Force Data Collection Act; enact
 Status: Mar/22/2019 - House Second Readers
HR 227First Annual Black Heritage Celebration in Smyrna, Georgia; February 23, 2019; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/13/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 709Farokhi, Dr. Beth; condolences
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/26/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 280Penal institutions; restraints on pregnant inmates under certain circumstances; prohibit use
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Feb/14/2019 - House Second Readers
HR 916Bacon, Max; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/16/2020 - House Read and Adopted
HB 364Crimes and offenses; authorize second chances under conditional discharge for controlled substances violations under certain circumstances
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Feb/21/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 627General Assembly; private lactation room open to the public in either the Capitol Building or the Paul D. Coverdell Legislative Office Building; provide
 HC:  SPropSC: 
 Status: Mar/21/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 800Medical assistance; health care services by providers in bordering states to Georgia Medicaid recipients under certain conditions; provide
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/16/2020 - House Hopper
HR 47House Study Committee on the Decriminalization of Traffic Violations; create
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Jan/29/2019 - House Second Readers
HR 106Washington, Lawrence "Miss Lawrence"; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/30/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 116Minimum wage; provide increase
 HC:  I&LSC: 
 Status: Feb/06/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 398Uniform rules of the road; local authorities to regulate the operation of bicycles upon sidewalks by persons under the age of 16 or with disabilities; allow
 HC:  TransSC: 
 Status: Feb/22/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 693Expanding Medicaid to Improve Health Outcomes for New Mothers Act; enact
 HC:  AppSC: 
 Status: Mar/28/2019 - House Second Readers