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Georgia General Assembly > Legislation
Representative Scot Turner
2017-2018 Regular Session
Authored Legislation    Other Legislation
HB 40Evidence; confidentiality of certain medical information of animals within a veterinarian's care; provide exception
 Status: Mar/19/2018 - Senate Committee Favorably Reported
HB 137Crimes and offenses; restrictions on contingency fee compensation of an attorney appointed in forfeiture actions; change provisions
 HC:  JudySC: JUDY
 Status: Mar/07/2018 - Senate Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute
HB 193Income tax; amounts of standard deductions based on Consumer Price Index; adjust
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/02/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 252Medicaid financing program; sunset provision; extend
 HC:  AppSC: 
 Status: Feb/08/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 306Cherokee County; Board of Education; change compensation of members
 Status: May/02/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 505Civil practice; conclusion of criminal proceedings prior to civil forfeiture proceedings; require
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Mar/01/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 601City of Holly Springs Community Improvement Districts Act; enact
 Status: May/04/2017 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 641Elections; direct recording electronic voting systems purchased on and after July 1, 2017 shall be equipped with paper audit records; provide
 HC:  GAffSC: 
 Status: Jan/08/2018 - House Second Readers
HB 680Elections; direct recording electronic voting systems shall not be used in primaries or elections in this state after January 1, 2019; provisions
 HC:  GAffSC: 
 Status: Jan/19/2018 - House Second Readers
HB 759Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program; prior school year requirement; revise
 HC:  EdSC: ED&Y
 Status: Mar/21/2018 - Senate Read Second Time
HB 866Commerce and trade; charging fee for placing a security freeze on a consumer's account; prohibit consumer credit reporting agencies
 Status: Mar/15/2018 - Senate Read Second Time
HB 969Civil practice; burden of proof required for civil forfeiture proceedings; change
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Feb/26/2018 - House Postponed
HR 78Downing, Mayor Timothy B.; retirement; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/24/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 91Ball, Chief Ken; retirement; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/24/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 365Strozier, Robert; North Metro Miracle League; honor
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/22/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 431House Study Committee on the Ramifications of Changes in Federal Health Care Policy; create
 HC:  H&HSSC: 
 Status: Feb/28/2017 - House Second Readers
HR 1131Second Amendment to the United States Constitution; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/12/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1393Baxter, Barbara J.; occasion of her retirement; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/28/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HB 32Crimes and offenses; sexual contact between school employees or agents and enrolled students; prohibit
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Mar/30/2017 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HB 493Open and public meetings; agency minutes and online videos; require public commentary be included
 HC:  GAffSC: GvtO
 Status: Mar/23/2018 - Senate Read Second Time
HB 788Quality Basic Education Act; parent or guardian may enroll student using the address of an individual residing in the attendance zone; provide
 HC:  EdSC: 
 Status: Feb/05/2018 - House Second Readers
HB 884Water resources; communities may impose or remove fluoridation by referendum under certain circumstances; provide
 HC:  H&HSSC: 
 Status: Feb/13/2018 - House Second Readers
HR 299Davies, Chairman Rick; retirement; Chairman of Cherokee County Republican Party; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/15/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1575American Massage Therapy Association - Georgia Chapter Day at the state capitol; March 19, 2018; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/15/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HB 813Evidence; similar acts of certain violations be after a conviction thereof; require
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Feb/06/2018 - House Second Readers
HR 37Senate and House of Representatives; members; provide term limits - CA
 HC:  RulesSC: 
 Status: Jan/24/2017 - House Second Readers
HR 757Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/28/2017 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1604School Social Workers Association of Georgia; School Social Workers Association of Georgia Day at the state capitol; March 22, 2018; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/19/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HB 496Official Code of Georgia; provide for Code revision corrections
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Mar/30/2017 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HB 768Criminal procedure; pretrial proceedings with an accused's claim of intellectual disability; provisions
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Jan/31/2018 - House Second Readers
HB 1010Cherokee County; maximum salary amount and authority of the sheriff; provisions
 Status: May/08/2018 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 1048Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit; Superior Court judges; increase compensation
 Status: May/08/2018 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 1049Cherokee County; State Court judges; modify compensation
 Status: May/08/2018 - House Date Signed by Governor
HR 1371Down Syndrome Consortium Day at the state capitol; March 21, 2018; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/26/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1424Georgia's family caregivers for individuals with disabilities; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/05/2018 - House Read and Adopted
HB 637Interstate Medical Licensure Compact; enact
 HC:  H&HSSC: 
 Status: Jan/08/2018 - House Second Readers
HB 923Game and fish; unlawful enticement in the vicinity of feed or bait; remove definitions
 HC:  GF&PSC: 
 Status: Feb/15/2018 - House Second Readers
HB 79Law enforcement; retaining license plate data obtained from automated license plate recognition systems beyond certain periods; prohibit
 Status: May/08/2018 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 152Occupational disease; firefighter show certain evidence; allow
 HC:  I&LSC: 
 Status: Mar/30/2017 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HB 408Sales and use tax; for-hire vehicles; revise an exemption
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/21/2017 - House Second Readers
HB 783Administrative procedure; provisions creating inactive boards, panels, authorities and other such bodies; repeal
 HC:  CRSC: GvtO
 Status: Mar/29/2018 - Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute
HR 1085Georgia Election Officials and Registrars Day at the state capitol; February 13, 2018; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/07/2018 - House Read and Adopted
Other Legislation    Authored Legislation
SB 324Contracts with State Agencies and Adjoining Counties; municipalities may contract with abutting counties; provide
 SC: TRANSHC:  Trans
 Status: May/07/2018 - Senate Date Signed by Governor
SB 376Identity Theft; consumer credit reporting agencies charging a fee for placing/removing a security freeze; prohibit
 Status: May/03/2018 - Senate Date Signed by Governor