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Georgia General Assembly > Legislation
This information is not for the current session!
Representative Paulette Braddock
2013-2014 Regular Session
Authored Legislation
HB 370State income tax; eliminate classification of counties into tiers
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/20/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 457Hiram, City of; reincorporation, corporate boundaries, municipal powers, and exercise of powers; provide
 Status: Apr/30/2013 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 794Compact for a Balanced Budget; adopt
 Status: Apr/12/2014 - House Date Signed by Governor
HR 302Great American Bus Interactive Education, LLC; creator Lisa Williams; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/12/2013 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1643House Study Committee on Foreclosure Reform; create
 HC:  B&BSC: 
 Status: Mar/05/2014 - House Second Readers
HR 18Paulding County Civics Day; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/15/2013 - House Read and Adopted
HR 375Leadership Paulding 23; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/14/2013 - House Read and Adopted
HR 538Golden, Cole D.; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/28/2013 - House Read and Adopted
HR 800Beulah Masonic Lodge #698; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/21/2013 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1251Emergency Medical Services Day at the state capitol; February 10, 2014; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/05/2014 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1252Paulding County Civics Day participants; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/05/2014 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1255Leadership Paulding 24; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/05/2014 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1647Women's History Month at the state capitol; March 2014; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/03/2014 - House Read and Adopted
HB 157Unsolicited distribution of material through electronic transmission; nudity or sexual conduct; clarify application
 HC:  JudyNCSC: 
 Status: Feb/01/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 732State government; federal law which attempts to govern firearms manufactured within state shall be unenforceable; provide
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Jan/16/2014 - House Second Readers
HB 26Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2013; enact
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Feb/04/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 29Georgia Campus Carry Act of 2013; enact
 Status: Jan/30/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 903Foreclosure; withdrawal of foreclosure proceedings; require notice; provisions
 HC:  B&BSC: 
 Status: Feb/05/2014 - House Second Readers
HB 1045State sales and use tax; taxes for certain jet fuel; change exemption
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/21/2014 - House Second Readers
HR 360Joint Select Committee on Budget Dependence on Federal Funding; create
 HC:  AppSC: 
 Status: Feb/19/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 27Restoring Gun Rights During State of Emergency Act of 2013; enact
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Feb/07/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 28Restoring Private Property Rights for Places of Worship Act of 2013; enact
 Status: Jan/30/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 83Mortgage broker licensing requirements; licensed real estate brokers and salespersons assisting in a short sale real estate transaction; exempt
 HC:  SBDSC: RI&Util
 Status: May/06/2013 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 917Foreclosure; procedure for confirmation of sales; modify
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Feb/06/2014 - House Second Readers
HR 1136Children's Day at the state capitol; January 23, 2014; recognize
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Jan/24/2014 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1503Deal, First Lady Sandra; commend and invite to House
 HC:  RulesSC: 
 Status: Mar/03/2014 - House Passed/Adopted
HB 53Food standards; food sales and food service establishments; revise definitions
 HC:  A&CASC: 
 Status: Jan/17/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 228Public employees; shall not use government owned computers to promote or oppose the passage of any legislation by the General Assembly; provide
 HC:  GAffSC: 
 Status: Feb/08/2013 - House Second Readers
HB 283Education; update and revise terminology; provisions
 HC:  EdSC: ED&Y
 Status: May/07/2013 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 318Georgia Tourism Development Act; revise certain definitions; provisions
 Status: Apr/29/2013 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 327Flexibility and Accountability Act for Student Achievement; enact
 HC:  EdSC: ED&Y
 Status: Mar/01/2013 - Senate Read and Referred
HR 238Herrin, Mr. Harold P.; condolences
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/08/2013 - House Read and Adopted
HR 1498Jackson, Ryan Nicholas; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/19/2014 - House Read and Adopted