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Georgia General Assembly > Legislation
Representative Clay Pirkle
2019-2020 Regular Session
Authored Legislation    Other Legislation
HB 54Fitzgerald, City of; levy an excise tax
 Status: Apr/02/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 212Banking and finance; retail brokers of manufactured homes or mobile homes and residential contractors from the requirement to obtain a license as a mortgage loan originator, broker, or lender under certain circumstances; exempt
 Status: Apr/18/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 355Income tax; earning a tax credit for establishing or relocating quality jobs; modify conditions
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/21/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 356Douglas, City of; Redevelopment Powers Law; provide for a referendum
 Status: Feb/21/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 571Ben Hill County; Magistrate Court chief judge; provide nonpartisan elections
 Status: Apr/30/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 572Ben Hill County; probate judge; provide nonpartisan elections
 Status: Apr/30/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 780State Properties Commission; use an opinion of value in the valuation of state property where a conveyance of the property by the state is for the sole and direct benefit to the state; allow
 HC:  SPropSC: 
 Status: Jan/16/2020 - House First Readers
HR 263McGill, J. Frank "Mr. Peanut Man"; outstanding public service; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/19/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 286Right to Repair Act; enact
 HC:  A&CASC: 
 Status: Feb/14/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 554Motor vehicles; filing of certificates of titles by dealers; provide
 HC:  MotVSC: 
 Status: Apr/02/2019 - House Withdrawn, Recommitted
HR 2Constitution of the United States; prohibit use of poll taxes; ratify amendment
 HC:  JudySC: 
 Status: Jan/28/2019 - House Second Readers
HR 170Odum, Peyton McGowan; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/08/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 171Latham, Cathleen "Cathy" A.; the Georgia Council on Economic Education's 2019 Georgia Economics Teacher of the Year; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/08/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 101Ad valorem tax; all-terrain vehicles; revise definitions
 Status: Apr/26/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
HB 562Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH) Scholarship Act; enact
 HC:  HEdSC: 
 Status: Mar/07/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 690Buildings and housing; agricultural structures from permitting fees; exempt
 HC:  A&CASC: 
 Status: Mar/28/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 773Professions and businesses; reciprocal licensing of professions, occupations, and trades for individuals licensed outside of the State of Georgia; provide
 HC:  RegISC: 
 Status: Jan/16/2020 - House Second Readers
HR 165Property; conveyance of certain state owned real property; authorize
 HC:  SPropSC: SI&P
 Status: May/07/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
HR 326 Roger C. Dill Transportation Center; Tift County; dedicate
 HC:  SPropSC: 
 Status: Jan/15/2020 - House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute
HR 538American Peanut Shellers Association; great leadership; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/14/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 342Motor vehicles; issuance of a traffic citation to a vehicle owner in lieu of the individual operating the motor vehicle in certain instances; provide
 Status: Jan/13/2020 - Senate Recommitted
HR 112Coosa High School girls volleyball team; winning the 2018 GHSA 2A/A State Volleyball Championship; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Feb/05/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 452Collins, Coach Geoff; selection as head coach of the Georgia Tech football team; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/07/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HR 453Peterson, Dr. G. P. "Bud"; retirement as president of Georgia Tech; commend
 HC:  SC: 
 Status: Mar/07/2019 - House Read and Adopted
HB 104Revenue and taxation; traps, bait, lure, pesticides, or trapping supplies of boll weevils held in inventory; provide exemption
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/06/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 105Income tax; certain income received by taxpayers as payments from a disaster relief or assistance program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture in connection with Hurricane Michael; exempt
 Status: Feb/26/2019 - Senate Read and Referred
HB 333Income tax; earning a tax credit for creating certain jobs; modify conditions
 HC:  W&MSC: 
 Status: Feb/20/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 542Health; heath care facilities to purchase and sell charity care credits through an exchange to meet their indigent and charity care requirements; authorize
 HC:  HumRSC: 
 Status: Mar/04/2019 - House Second Readers
HB 545Nuisances; treatment of agricultural facilities and operations and forest land; provisions
 Status: Jan/13/2020 - Senate Recommitted
HR 584House Study Committee on Exploring a Floor and Trade Charity Care System; create
 Status: Mar/29/2019 - House Passed/Adopted
HB 652Sheriffs' Retirement Fund of Georgia; payments to the fund from fees collected in civil actions; increase
 HC:  RetSC: 
 Status: Mar/25/2019 - House Second Readers
HR 182Property; granting of non-exclusive easements; authorize
 HC:  SPropSC: SI&P
 Status: May/07/2019 - House Date Signed by Governor
Other Legislation    Authored Legislation
SB 75State Board of Veterinary Medicine; professional health program for impaired veterinarians; provide
 Status: May/10/2019 - Senate Date Signed by Governor  - Vetoed