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Senate Committees

Committee Chairperson Room Phone
Agriculture Ag Harold Ragan SS 11-D 421-B Capitol (404) 656-0083
Appropriations App George Hooks SS 14-D
Banking & Financial Institutions B&FI Don Cheeks SS 23-D
Corrections, Correctional Institutions & Property Corr Greg Hecht SS 34-D
Defense, Science & Technology DS&T Michael Polak SS 42-D
Economic Development, Tourism & Cultural Affairs EDT&C Paul Broun SS 46-D
Education Ed Richard Marable SS 52-D
Ethics Ethics Terrell Starr SS 44-D
Finance & Public Utilities F&PU Nathan Dean SS 31-D
Health & Human Services H&HS Connie Stokes SS 43-D
Higher Education HEd Jack Hill SS 04-D
Insurance & Labor I&L Eddie Madden SS 47-D
Interstate Cooperation ICoop Vincent Fort SS 39-D
Judiciary Judy Rene' Kemp SS 03-D
Natural Resources NatR Hugh Gillis SS 20-D
Public Safety PubS Rooney Bowen SS 13-D
Reapportionment Reapp Peg Blitch SS 07-D
Retirement Ret Waymond "Sonny" Huggins SS 53-D
Rules Rules David Scott SS 36-D
Special Judiciary SJudy Michael Egan SS 40-R
State & Local Government Operations SLGO Nadine Thomas SS 10-D
Transportation Trans Van Streat, Sr. SS 19-D
Veterans and Consumer Affairs V&CA Ed Harbison SS 15-D

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