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SR 8 - Senate Music Industry Committee - create
Dean, Nathan (31st) Marable, Richard O (52nd) Broun, Paul C (46th)
Brown, Robert (26th)
Status Summary SC: Rules HC: FR: 01/13/99 LA: 02/22/99 S - Passed/Adopted

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A resolution creating the Senate Music Industry Committee, an interim study committee, and a citizens' advisory council thereto.

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Senate Action House
1/13/99 Read 1st time
2/16/99 Favorably Reported
2/17/99 Read 2nd Time
2/22/99 Read 3rd Time
2/22/99 Passed/Adopted
Version by LC Number
LC 10 2644 As Introduced

SR 8                                               LC 10 2644 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Creating the Senate Music Industry Committee, an interim 
  1- 2  study committee, and a citizens' advisory council thereto; 
  1- 3  and for other purposes. 
  1- 4  WHEREAS, the music industry annually is one of this nation's 
  1- 5  fastest growing and most prosperous businesses and 
  1- 6  professions, producing sales in the millions of dollars and 
  1- 7  employing thousands of workers throughout the United States; 
  1- 8  and 
  1- 9  WHEREAS, it is to the economic advantage of the State of 
  1-10  Georgia that the many talented musicians and music industry 
  1-11  executives throughout this nation be made aware of the 
  1-12  excellent opportunities available in the State of Georgia 
  1-13  for the location of music studios and be encouraged to join 
  1-14  the international recording artists, major booking agencies, 
  1-15  promoters, giant publishing companies, record labels, 
  1-16  distribution centers, renowned entertainment attorneys and 
  1-17  producers, and the world's largest record pressing plant 
  1-18  that are already in Georgia, all of which promote the 
  1-19  economic and cultural advancement of the citizens of this 
  1-20  state; and 
  1-21  WHEREAS, the above-noted musicians, music industry 
  1-22  executives, and musical facilities have enjoyed unparalleled 
  1-23  success in the music industry and have created numerous jobs 
  1-24  for citizens of this state and provided valuable 
  1-25  contributions to revenue collections of municipal, county, 
  1-26  and state governmental authorities; and 
  1-27  WHEREAS, upon the attraction of additional professionals in 
  1-28  this industry to the State of Georgia, many new jobs would 
  1-29  be created for citizens of this state; and 
  1-30  WHEREAS, in order to determine the most viable and efficient 
  1-31  means by which this industry can be attracted and encouraged 
  1-32  to locate in Georgia, it is necessary to examine methods and 
  1-33  alternatives closely and comprehensively to accomplish this 
  1-34  desire; and 
  1-35  WHEREAS, the Senate at its 1978 session first created the 
  1-36  Senate Music Recording Industry Study Committee, which 
  2- 1  rendered outstanding service to the State of Georgia, 
  2- 2  particularly by giving birth to, sponsoring, promoting, and 
  2- 3  presenting the first "Georgia Music Week" which was an 
  2- 4  unqualified success; and 
  2- 5  WHEREAS, similar committees have been created every year 
  2- 6  subsequent to 1978, which have carried on and expanded the 
  2- 7  work of the original committee, particularly in the area of 
  2- 8  promoting and presenting the "Georgia Music Festival"; and 
  2- 9  WHEREAS, it is imperative that the work of all those 
  2-10  previous committees be continued and that the "Georgia Music 
  2-11  Festival" be celebrated each year on a permanent basis; and 
  2-12  WHEREAS, in order to accomplish these objectives, a similar 
  2-13  committee should be established at this time. 
  2-15  created an interim study committee to be called the Senate 
  2-16  Music Industry Committee to be composed of five members of 
  2-17  the Senate to be appointed by the President of the Senate, 
  2-18  one of whom shall be designated as chairperson.  The 
  2-19  committee is authorized to conduct a continuing study of 
  2-20  methods for attracting the music industry and related fields 
  2-21  to the State of Georgia, to continue its assistance and 
  2-22  support of the "Georgia Music Festival," and to study all 
  2-23  facets of the music industry and all matters relative 
  2-24  thereto which would be beneficial to the State of Georgia. 
  2-25  The committee is authorized to seek the advice and counsel 
  2-26  of persons knowledgeable in the music industry and related 
  2-27  fields and other persons, groups, and organizations which 
  2-28  the committee feels will be able to assist it in its 
  2-29  endeavors.  The legislative members of the committee shall 
  2-30  receive the allowances provided by law for legislative 
  2-31  members of interim legislative committees.  The committee 
  2-32  shall meet upon the call of the chairperson, and it is 
  2-33  authorized to hold meetings and conduct studies at such 
  2-34  times and places as the committee deems advisable in 
  2-35  carrying out its duties. 
  2-36  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the President of the Senate is 
  2-37  further authorized to appoint a citizens' advisory council 
  2-38  to assist the committee and to appoint one of its members as 
  2-39  chairperson of the council.  Members of the council shall 
  2-40  receive no compensation or allowances for their services 
  2-41  thereon, except that the chairperson of the council shall 
  2-42  receive the same allowances provided for the legislative 
  3- 1  members of the committee.  The committee and council shall 
  3- 2  stand abolished on December 31, 2000. 

Secretary of the Senate
Frank Eldridge, Jr., Secretary
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