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SR 669 - State Motor Veh. - urge purchase those produced in state
Brown, Robert (26th) Walker, Charles W (22nd) James, Donzella (35th)
Polak, Michael (42nd)
Status Summary SC: HC: FR: 03/06/00 LA: 03/06/00 S - Passed/Adopted

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A resolution urging the State of Georgia to purchase motor vehicles produced in the state when practical; and for other purposes.

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Senate Action House
3/6/00 Read 1st time
3/6/00 Passed/Adopted
Version by LC Number
LC 19 4707 S - Passed/Adopted

SR 669                                             LC 19 4707 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Urging the State of Georgia to purchase motor vehicles 
  1- 2  produced in the state when practical; and for other 
  1- 3  purposes. 
  1- 4  WHEREAS, Georgia is most fortunate in having two motor 
  1- 5  vehicle assembly plants located in the metropolitan area of 
  1- 6  Atlanta, the capital city; and 
  1- 7  WHEREAS, there are currently 4,800 employees involved in the 
  1- 8  production of motor vehicles at the assembly plant in 
  1- 9  Doraville, Georgia; and 
  1-10  WHEREAS, there are currently 2,300 employees at the motor 
  1-11  vehicle assembly plant located in Hapeville, Georgia; and 
  1-12  WHEREAS, many more Georgia employees contribute to the motor 
  1-13  vehicle manufacturing industry as part suppliers for the 
  1-14  assembly operation and maintenance; and 
  1-15  WHEREAS, the wages earned by these dedicated industrial 
  1-16  workers contribute substantially to the economy of the state 
  1-17  and its various communities; and 
  1-18  WHEREAS, Georgia's state purchasing policy should recognize 
  1-19  the positive impact motor vehicle manufacturing has on our 
  1-20  economy and encourage purchases of motor vehicles assembled 
  1-21  in the state when practical. 
  1-23  members of this body urge state government to purchase motor 
  1-24  vehicles assembled in Georgia when practical. 
  1-25  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is 
  1-26  authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of 
  1-27  this resolution to the Commissioner of Administrative 
  1-28  Services and to the Governor. 

Secretary of the Senate
Frank Eldridge, Jr., Secretary
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