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SR 277 - David Goldberg & Horizon Section of AJC - commend
Thompson, Steve (33rd) Stokes, Connie (43rd)
Status Summary SC: HC: FR: 03/16/99 LA: 03/16/99 S - Passed/Adopted

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A resolution commending David Goldberg and the Horizon Section of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Senate Action House
3/16/99 Read 1st time
3/16/99 Passed/Adopted
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LC 21 5517 S - Passed/Adopted

SR 277                                             LC 21 5517 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Commending David Goldberg and the Horizon Section of The 
  1- 2  Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and for other purposes. 
  1- 3  WHEREAS, the Horizon Section of The Atlanta 
  1- 4  Journal-Constitution has appeared each Monday for the past 
  1- 5  two years; and 
  1- 6  WHEREAS, this portion of the newspaper has provided more 
  1- 7  information on the issues of growth, development planning, 
  1- 8  and improvement of the quality of life in metropolitan 
  1- 9  Atlanta and Georgia than any other single source; and 
  1-10  WHEREAS, during the last year, the writing of staff writer 
  1-11  David Goldberg and the staff of the Horizon Section have 
  1-12  both charted and recorded a remarkable change in public 
  1-13  perception and governmental policy in economic and 
  1-14  environmental matters vital to the lives of all Atlantans 
  1-15  and Georgians; and 
  1-16  WHEREAS, this extraordinary work of journalism has served to 
  1-17  inform the members of the General Assembly during this 1999 
  1-18  legislative session in ways never previously seen; and 
  1-19  WHEREAS, the second anniversary of the Horizon Section is 
  1-20  worthy of the observance and attention of all Georgians. 
  1-22  members of this body recognize and commend the work of David 
  1-23  Goldberg and the staff of the Horizon Section for their 
  1-24  extraordinary journalistic achievement over the last two 
  1-25  years and look forward to receiving continuing critical 
  1-26  information from this source in the near future as the work 
  1-27  of this body advances in the areas so ably covered by this 
  1-28  reporting and commentary. 
  1-29  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is 
  1-30  authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of 
  1-31  this resolution to David Goldberg on behalf of the Horizon 
  1-32  staff. 

Secretary of the Senate
Frank Eldridge, Jr., Secretary
Last Updated on 03/16/99