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HR 1184 - Sibley, Celestine; designate House press gallery in her honor
Murphy, Thomas B (18th) Buck, III, Thomas B (135th) Coleman, Terry L (142nd)
Skipper, Jimmy (137th) Walker, Larry (141st) Connell, Jack (115th)
Status Summary HC: SC: FR: 02/29/00 LA: 02/29/00 H - Passed/Adopted

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A RESOLUTION paying tribute to Celestine Sibley and designating the House press gallery in her honor; and for other purposes.

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Vote # Date Yeas Nays Description
HV1826 2/29/00 172 000 Adopt

House Action Senate
2/29/00 Read 1st Time
2/29/00 Passed/Adopted
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LC 8 4050 H - Passed/Adopted

HR 1184                                             LC 8 4050 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Paying tribute to Celestine Sibley and designating the House 
  1- 2  press gallery in her honor; and for other purposes. 
  1- 3  WHEREAS, Celestine Sibley, the noted Atlanta journalist and 
  1- 4  author, enriched the lives of countless Georgians who valued 
  1- 5  her genuine appreciation of people and the shared 
  1- 6  experiences, hopes, and memories in life; and 
  1- 7  WHEREAS, she was born on May 23, 1914, in Holley, Florida; 
  1- 8  held her first newspaper job with the Mobile Press-Register; 
  1- 9  reported for the Pensacola News-Journal from 1936-1941; and 
  1-10  began a career with The Atlanta Constitution that spanned 
  1-11  more than 50 years; and 
  1-12  WHEREAS, in 1958, she began covering the state legislature 
  1-13  and politics, a beat she continued for 20 years, and her 
  1-14  intellect and indomitable spirit earned her recognition and 
  1-15  respect as an impressive advocate; and 
  1-16  WHEREAS, her profound understanding of contemporary problems 
  1-17  and issues enlightened many state officers, and she is 
  1-18  credited with raising public awareness and persuading 
  1-19  political leaders to seek humane solutions to social 
  1-20  problems and conflicts; and 
  1-21  WHEREAS, this truly remarkable lady received the Lifetime 
  1-22  Achievement Award from the National Society of Newspaper 
  1-23  Columnists, and it is most appropriate that her exemplary 
  1-24  career as a journalist be properly honored. 
  1-26  REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body pay tribute to 
  1-27  the lifetime of excellence and literary achievement of 
  1-28  Celestine Sibley and designate the press gallery on the 
  1-29  south side of the House chamber as the Celestine Sibley 
  1-30  Press Gallery. 
  1-31  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of 
  1-32  Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an 
  1-33  appropriate copy of this resolution to the family of 
  1-34  Celestine Sibley. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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