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HR 902 - Lane, Honorable Dick; commend
Heckstall, Joe (55th) Holmes, Bob (53rd) Roberts, Lawrence R (162nd)
Dean, Douglas C. (48th) McKinney, J. E (51st)
Status Summary HC: SC: FR: 02/02/00 LA: 02/02/00 H - Passed/Adopted

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A RESOLUTION recognizing Honorable Dick Lane; and for other purposes.

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House Action Senate
2/2/00 Read 1st Time
2/2/00 Passed/Adopted
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LC 9 0269 H - Passed/Adopted

HR 902                                              LC 9 0269 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Recognizing Honorable Dick Lane; and for other purposes. 
  1- 2  WHEREAS, Honorable Dick Lane, the distinguished former 
  1- 3  Representative from the 55th District, is a native of East 
  1- 4  Point, Georgia; and 
  1- 5  WHEREAS, he was first elected to the Georgia  House of 
  1- 6  Representatives in 1966 and ably served the people of East 
  1- 7  Point and Fulton County for 28 years; and 
  1- 8  WHEREAS, at the conclusion of his service as a member of the 
  1- 9  House of Representatives, he held the distinction of being 
  1-10  the longest serving member of the Fulton County delegation 
  1-11  in the House of Representatives; and 
  1-12  WHEREAS, Honorable Dick Lane served with distinction as the 
  1-13  Chairman of the House Committee on State Planning and 
  1-14  Community Affairs and as a respected and valued member of 
  1-15  the House Committees on Rules and Appropriations and the 
  1-16  Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Overview 
  1-17  Committee; and 
  1-18  WHEREAS, throughout his nearly three decades of outstanding 
  1-19  service in the House of Representatives, more than 160 Bills 
  1-20  and 14 Constitutional Amendments authored by this gentleman 
  1-21  of the 55th District became laws of this state; and 
  1-22  WHEREAS, his extensive legislative experience, careful 
  1-23  consideration of controversial issues, steady demeanor, 
  1-24  fairness, and integrity have been witnessed by his many 
  1-25  friends and colleagues over the years; and 
  1-26  WHEREAS, in addition to his many years of service in the 
  1-27  General Assembly, Representative Dick Lane served as 
  1-28  Recreation Director for the City of East Point, a position 
  1-29  in which he was able to spread his love of sports and 
  1-30  fitness and exert a positive influence on the health and 
  1-31  physical well-being of countless young people; and 
  1-32  WHEREAS, Representative Lane received well-deserved 
  1-33  recognition for his many outstanding athletic 
  1-34  accomplishments, including his selection as an All-State 
  1-35  Running Back at Russell High School, as a former state 
  2- 1  karate champion, and as a recipient of commendations from 
  2- 2  President John F. Kennedy and Governors Lester Maddox and 
  2- 3  Carl Sanders for outstanding performance in recreation; and 
  2- 4  WHEREAS, he served as a dedicated member of the Georgia 
  2- 5  State Games Commission; and 
  2- 6  WHEREAS, Honorable Dick Lane has also served as a member of 
  2- 7  numerous civic organizations, including the Boy Scouts of 
  2- 8  America, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, 
  2- 9  the Yaarab Temple, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the 
  2-10  Free and Accepted Masons, the Loyal Order of Moose, the 
  2-11  Georgia Congress of the Parent and Teacher Association, the 
  2-12  Fulton County Public Safety Training Center Advisory Board, 
  2-13  the South Fulton Medical Center Board, the American 
  2-14  Association of Retired Persons, and the Jefferson Avenue 
  2-15  Baptist Church; and 
  2-16  WHEREAS, in recognition of his many years of tireless and 
  2-17  dedicated community and civic service, Honorable Dick Lane 
  2-18  has received more than 175 awards from various clubs and 
  2-19  organizations; and 
  2-20  WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper to recognize and 
  2-21  commemorate a lifetime of service, dedication, and 
  2-22  commitment by Honorable Dick Lane to the people of East 
  2-23  Point, Fulton County, and the State of Georgia. 
  2-25  REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body recognize and 
  2-26  commend Honorable Dick Lane for his many years of dedicated 
  2-27  public service and his many outstanding accomplishments. 
  2-28  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of 
  2-29  Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an 
  2-30  appropriate copy of this resolution to Honorable Dick Lane 
  2-31  and to the City of East Point. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
Last Updated on 02/03/00