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Official Duties of the Clerk of the House

The Constitution of Georgia provides for the office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives. The duties of the position are fully detailed in the Official Code of Georgia and in the Rules of the House. Robert E. Rivers currently serves as Clerk. The Clerk is the custodian of all bills, resolutions, records, and other official documents filed in the House of Representatives. Other responsibilities of the Clerk include keeping an accurate record of the daily proceedings of the chamber, tallying votes on legislation, noting and recording the absence of members when the roll is called, certifying all engrossed and enrolled copies of bills for the House, and assisting in the resolution of questions concerning parliamentary procedure.

The Clerk of the House of Representatives is an officer of the House, elected by a majority of the members of the House for a term concurrent with the members of the body. At the beginning of the legislative biennium, the House of Representatives is organized by the Clerk, who calls the House to order and presides until the Speaker is elected.

The end of the legislative session does not signal the end of the duties of this office. Following the adjournment of the session, the Clerk must file all papers and documents of the House and deliver the same to the Secretary of State. The office also begins the publication of the Journal of the House, which is the official record of the legislative action of the House during the session. Throughout the year the Clerk's Office serves the public by providing information and material concerning the legislative actions taken by the House and the General Assembly.

Services Provided by the Clerk's Office

The Office of the Clerk of the House prints copies of bills for distribution to the members of the General Assembly and makes copies of bills available to the public. The office prepares other materials vital in following the legislative process, such as the daily and composite status sheets, the general calendar, and the first readers in the House.

Staff of the Clerk's Office

Office of the Clerk of the House