SR 474 - Cert. Legal Immigrants - urge President grant citizenship (2)

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A resolution to urge the President of the United States and the United States Congress to further recognize the services rendered to this country during the Vietnam War by Hmong and Lao soldiers by granting full and immediate United States citizenship to those who are currently living as legal immigrants in this country.

Harbison, Ed (15th) Hill, Jack (4th) Glanton, Pam (34th)
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F/R: 01/14/98 L/A: 02/27/98 H - Favorably Reported ( ) (Am )
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Senate Action House
1/14/98 Read 1st time 2/18/98
2/3/98 Favorably Reported 2/27/98
Committee Amend/Sub Am
2/4/98 Read 2nd Time 2/19/98
2/17/98 Read 3rd Time
2/17/98 Passed/Adopted

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Code Sections amended:

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Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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