HR 1278 - Health plans; certain exemption legislation; urge congress reject (2)

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A RESOLUTION urging the Georgia congressional delegation and the United States Congress to reject any legislation that would exempt health plans sponsored by associations and multiple employer welfare arrangements from state insurance standards and oversight; and for other purposes.

Lord, Jimmy (121st) Burkhalter, Joseph Mark (41st) Tolbert, Scott (25th)
Watson, Stanley (70th) Ladd, Bart (59th) Harbin, Ben (113th)
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F/R: 03/12/98 L/A: 03/19/98 S - Read 1st Time
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3/12/98 Read 1st Time 3/19/98
3/13/98 Read 2nd Time
3/16/98 Favorably Reported
3/18/98 Passed/Adopted

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