HR 1051 - Chatham County; grant easement (4)

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A RESOLUTION authorizing the granting of an easement for operation and maintenance of a food service operation upon certain limiting conditions during the balance of the term of that certain leasehold and any renewals thereof held by Bull River Yacht Club Marina in, on, over, under, and upon a certain tract of property owned by the State of Georgia in Chatham County; and for other purposes.

Day, Jr., C. Burke (153rd) Mueller, Anne O'Quin (152nd) Thomas, Regina (148th)
Stephens, Ron (150th)
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F/R: 02/12/98 L/A: 02/18/98 H - Favorably Reported
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2/12/98 Read 1st Time
2/13/98 Read 2nd Time
2/18/98 Favorably Reported

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