SR 723 - John W. Langdale - regrets at passing

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A resolution honoring John W. Langdale and expressing regrets at his passing.

Turner, Loyce W (8th) Gillis, Sr., Hugh M (20th) Ragan, Harold (11th)
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3/6/98 Passed/Adopted

SR 723                                             LC 27 0560 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Honoring John W. Langdale and expressing regrets at his 
  1- 2  passing; and for other purposes. 
  1- 3  WHEREAS, John W. Langdale, a widely respected and admired 
  1- 4  attorney, businessman, and civic leader of Valdosta and the 
  1- 5  State of Georgia, died recently at the age of 81, after a 
  1- 6  long illness; and 
  1- 7  WHEREAS, John W. Langdale, a native of Valdosta, attended 
  1- 8  North Georgia College and the U. S. Naval Academy and earned 
  1- 9  his undergraduate and law degrees at the University of 
  1-10  Georgia; and 
  1-11  WHEREAS, in 1940, John W. Langdale returned to Valdosta to 
  1-12  begin practicing law but in 1941 entered the U. S. Navy, 
  1-13  where he served as an instructor at the Naval Reserve 
  1-14  Midshipman's School at Northwestern University and 
  1-15  volunteered for more than four years of sea duty; and 
  1-16  WHEREAS, for his exemplary service in the U. S. Navy during 
  1-17  World War II, John W. Langdale was awarded the Bronze Star 
  1-18  and the Pacific Theatre Ribbon with 11 engagements stars; 
  1-19  and 
  1-20  WHEREAS, after the war, John W. Langdale resumed his law 
  1-21  practice in Valdosta, including 27 years of serving as 
  1-22  Echols County attorney, and pursued various business 
  1-23  interests culminating in his serving as president of The 
  1-24  Langdale Company, chairman of the boards of Valdosta Federal 
  1-25  Savings and Loan Association and First Liberty Bank, 
  1-26  director of the Citizens and Southern National Bank of 
  1-27  Valdosta, director of the Southern Company, director of the 
  1-28  Georgia Power Company, vice president and director of the 
  1-29  Georgia State Chamber of Commerce, and director of the 
  1-30  Georgia Forestry Association; and 
  1-31  WHEREAS, John W. Langdale was also a leader in Valdosta's 
  1-32  civic affairs, serving as president of the Valdosta and 
  1-33  Lowndes County Chambers of Commerce, president of the 
  1-34  Valdosta Rotary Club and district governor of Rotary 
  1-35  International, and deacon and Sunday School teacher at the 
  1-36  First Baptist Church of Valdosta; and 
  2- 1  WHEREAS, John W. Langdale also lent his talents to all of 
  2- 2  the people of the State of Georgia, while serving as a 
  2- 3  representative in the Georgia General Assembly from 
  2- 4  1949-1952, state senator and chairman of the Senate Finance 
  2- 5  Committee in 1957-1958, and on the Board of Regents of the 
  2- 6  University System of Georgia from 1964-1971, including two 
  2- 7  years as chairman of the board; and 
  2- 8  WHEREAS, John W. Langdale served as a trustee of the 
  2- 9  Valdosta State Foundation and was active in working with and 
  2-10  promoting Valdosta State College, now Valdosta State 
  2-11  University, leading the college to award him honorary 
  2-12  memberships in Omicron Delta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma and 
  2-13  to confer upon him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 
  2-14  June, 1966; and 
  2-15  WHEREAS, John W. Langdale will be sorely missed by the 
  2-16  citizens of Valdosta and most especially by his family, 
  2-17  including his wife of many years, Margaret Jones Langdale; 
  2-18  his children, John W. Langdale, Jr., Lee Langdale Mikuta, 
  2-19  and Margaret L. Langdale and their spouses and children; and 
  2-20  his surviving sister, brothers, and sisters-in-law. 
  2-22  members of this body honor John W. Langdale for a life well 
  2-23  lived and express our sincerest regrets at his passing. 
  2-24  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is 
  2-25  authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of 
  2-26  this resolution to the family of John W. Langdale. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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