SR 583 - Pete Wheeler Ga. War Veterans Memorial Complex - designate

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A resolution commending Pete Wheeler and providing for the designation of the "Pete Wheeler Georgia War Veterans Memorial Complex".

Burton, Joe (5th) Harbison, Ed (15th) Broun, Paul C (46th)
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SR 583   98                                          SR583/AP 
        By:  Senators Burton of the 5th, Harbison of the 15th, 
             Broun of the 46th and others 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Commending Pete Wheeler and providing for the designation of 
  1- 2  the "Pete Wheeler Georgia War Veterans Memorial Plaza"; and 
  1- 3  for other purposes. 
  1- 4  WHEREAS, Pete Wheeler was born on October 19, 1922, in 
  1- 5  Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia, graduated from Crawford 
  1- 6  High School, graduated from the University of Georgia with a 
  1- 7  B.S. degree, graduated from Atlanta Law School with LL.B. 
  1- 8  and LL.M. degrees, and graduated from Atlanta and Augusta 
  1- 9  Law School with a LL.D. degree; and 
  1-10  WHEREAS, Pete Wheeler completed four years of ROTC at the 
  1-11  University of Georgia, served in the U.S. Army during World 
  1-12  War II, from August 9, 1943, to March 7, 1946, as an 
  1-13  instructor with the 79th Battalion Training Center-Camp 
  1-14  Roberts, California, and then served in the Georgia Army 
  1-15  National Guard from March 7, 1950, to June 30, 1978, 
  1-16  retiring as a Brigadier General; and 
  1-17  WHEREAS, Pete Wheeler married Geraldine (Gerry) Odenweller 
  1-18  in October, 1949, and after more than 48 years of marriage, 
  1-19  they have three children and five grandchildren; and 
  1-20  WHEREAS, Pete wheeler was Director of the Education Division 
  1-21  of the Georgia State Department of Veterans Service (SDVS) 
  1-22  1949-51, was Assistant Director of SDVS 1951-54, and became 
  1-23  Director/Commissioner of Georgia SDVS on June 26, 1954, and 
  1-24  is still serving in that capacity more than 43 years later; 
  1-25  and 
  1-26  WHEREAS, Commissioner Pete Wheeler is America's "Dean" of 
  1-27  State Directors/Commissioners of State Departments of 
  1-28  Veterans Service/Affairs and has been recommended by the 
  1-29  Georgia SDVS State Board for consecutive terms and has been 
  1-30  sworn in by nine different Governors since 1954; and 
  1-31  WHEREAS, Commissioner Pete Wheeler is a Past President of 
  1-32  the National Association of State Directors/Commissioners of 
  1-33  Veterans Service/Affairs, is a member of the U.S. Veterans 
  1-34  Advisory Committee, is a Life Member of the American Legion, 
  1-35  DAV, 40 & 8, AMVETS, is a member of Clairmont Presbyterian 
  1-36  Church with his wife, has been recognized with one or more 
  2- 1  honors by every veterans organization within Georgia and in 
  2- 2  America, has served since 1954 as Georgia's Chairman, 
  2- 3  National Veterans Day Committee, and was appointed on 
  2- 4  November 1, 1994, as National Chairman of the Advisory 
  2- 5  Committee for America's long overdue World War II Memorial; 
  2- 6  and 
  2- 7  WHEREAS, Commissioner Pete Wheeler has worked personally 
  2- 8  with every President of America and Governor of Georgia 
  2- 9  since 1954 and has been instrumental in many innovative 
  2-10  programs to benefit veterans and their families, including 
  2-11  starting the first ever "State Supermarket of Veterans 
  2-12  Benefits," in 1966, which has been held annually in Georgia 
  2-13  for 31 years to date and is being duplicated in many other 
  2-14  states; and 
  2-15  WHEREAS, Commissioner Pete Wheeler has been involved in 
  2-16  creating the "Georgia War Veterans Memorial Complex," in 
  2-17  front of the Floyd Veterans Memorial Building (Twin Towers 
  2-18  at the State Capitol Complex), which includes the Vietnam 
  2-19  Statues (dedicated 11/11/88), the Persian Gulf War Memorial 
  2-20  (dedicated 3/10/93), the Korean War Memorial (dedicated 
  2-21  11/11/93), the World War II Memorial (dedicated 12/7/95), 
  2-22  the Vietnam Wall (dedicated 10/30/97), and the World War I 
  2-23  Memorial (to be dedicated 4/6/98), and once completed will 
  2-24  display the names of over 11,000 Georgians who have died 
  2-25  serving America's military and defending freedom worldwide 
  2-26  in the 20th Century and will be the only complex of its kind 
  2-27  in America; and 
  2-28  WHEREAS, Commissioner Pete Wheeler has worked with the 
  2-29  Georgia General Assembly for over 43 years in bringing the 
  2-30  best to Georgia's veterans and their families, while having 
  2-31  his department serve as the premiere such entity in America 
  2-32  and constantly taking care of veterans in an "above and 
  2-33  beyond the call of duty" manner; and 
  2-34  WHEREAS, the State of Georgia is grateful to Commissioner 
  2-35  Pete Wheeler and his lifelong service to veterans and their 
  2-36  families, and future Georgians and visitors to the Georgia 
  2-37  War Veterans Memorial Complex can acknowledge his sacrifice 
  2-38  and devotion to duty. 
  2-40  GEORGIA that the members of this body commend Pete Wheeler 
  2-41  for the decades of outstanding public service he has 
  2-42  rendered on behalf of the citizens of this state and nation. 
  3- 1  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Georgia Building Authority 
  3- 2  is authorized and directed to designate the plaza in front 
  3- 3  of the Floyd Veterans Memorial Building as the Pete Wheeler 
  3- 4  Georgia War Veterans Memorial Plaza and to erect and 
  3- 5  maintain an appropriate marker at the plaza for such 
  3- 6  purpose. 
  3- 7  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is 
  3- 8  authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of 
  3- 9  this resolution to Pete Wheeler. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
Last Updated on 04/28/98