SR 580 - Ga. Citizens for the Arts - commend

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A resolution recognizing the importance of the arts to the State of Georgia; commending the Georgia Citizens for the Arts.

Gillis, Sr., Hugh M (20th) Turner, Loyce W (8th) Hooks, George (14th)
Status Summary HC: SC: LA: 02/04/98 S - Passed/Adopted
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Senate Action House
2/4/98 Read 1st time
2/4/98 Passed/Adopted

SR 580                                             LC 27 0466 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Recognizing the importance of the arts to the State of 
  1- 2  Georgia; commending the Georgia Citizens for the Arts; and 
  1- 3  for other purposes. 
  1- 4  WHEREAS, the arts community is a vital part of our state and 
  1- 5  plays an important role in the everyday lives of our 
  1- 6  citizens and in the overall education of both youths and 
  1- 7  adults; and 
  1- 8  WHEREAS, the visual and performing arts provide cultural 
  1- 9  enlightenment for our citizens and enable them to lead 
  1-10  fuller, more meaningful lives; and 
  1-11  WHEREAS, the arts serve as an integral part of the fine 
  1-12  quality of life our state offers to attract new business, 
  1-13  industry, and tourism; and 
  1-14  WHEREAS, over 36 million Georgians participate in cultural 
  1-15  arts programs and events funded by the Georgia Council for 
  1-16  the Arts each year; and 
  1-17  WHEREAS, the arts generate more than $625 million in 
  1-18  economic activity through ticket sales and related 
  1-19  activities, returning over $13.00 to the state for each 
  1-20  dollar the state invests; and 
  1-21  WHEREAS, it is vital that our citizens recognize the 
  1-22  importance of the arts to the cultural strength of our state 
  1-23  and continue to nourish their growth and development. 
  1-25  members of this body recognize that the arts are integral to 
  1-26  this state and commend the Georgia Citizens for the Arts for 
  1-27  its efforts to promote and support local art, music, dance, 
  1-28  and theatrical programs for all Georgia citizens to 
  1-29  participate in and enjoy. 
  1-30  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is 
  1-31  authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of 
  1-32  this resolution to the Georgia Citizens for the Arts. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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