SB 224 - Mot. Veh. Insurance - medical coverage

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A bill to amend Chapter 34 of Title 33 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, known as the "Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Reparations Act," so as to provide for a definition; to provide for medical payments coverage as optional coverage for all private passenger automobile insurance coverage offered in this state.

James, Donzella (35th)
Status Summary HC: Ins SC: I&L LA: 03/28/97 H - Committed (CS )
Page Numbers - 1/ 2/ 3
Code Sections - 33-34-2/ 33-34-3.1
Senate Action House
2/6/97 Read 1st time 3/13/97
2/27/97 Favorably Reported 3/21/97
Sub Committee Amend/Sub
2/28/97 Read 2nd Time 3/14/97
Committed 3/28/97
3/11/97 Read 3rd Time
3/11/97 Passed/Adopted
CS Comm/Floor Amend/Sub

SB 224 97                                         LC 19 3480S 
      SENATE BILL 224 
      By:  Senator James of the 35th 
                        A BILL TO BE ENTITLED 
                               AN ACT 
  1- 1  To amend Chapter 34 of Title 33 of the Official Code of 
  1- 2  Georgia Annotated, known as the "Georgia Motor Vehicle 
  1- 3  Accident Reparations Act," so as to provide for a 
  1- 4  definition; to provide for medical payments coverage for 
  1- 5  private passenger automobile insurance coverage written in 
  1- 6  this state; to provide for related matters; to provide an 
  1- 7  effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other 
  1- 8  purposes. 
  1-10                           SECTION 1. 
  1-11  Chapter 34 of Title 33 of the Official Code of Georgia 
  1-12  Annotated, known as the "Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident 
  1-13  Reparations Act," is amended by striking Code Section 
  1-14  33-34-2, relating to definitions, and inserting in lieu 
  1-15  thereof the following: 
  1-16    "33-34-2. 
  1-17    As used in this chapter, the term: 
  1-18      (1)'Medical payments coverage' includes any coverage in 
  1-19      which the insurer agrees to reimburse the insured and 
  1-20      others for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and 
  1-21      funeral expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury 
  1-22      or death caused by a motor vehicle accident, without 
  1-23      regard to the insured's liability for the accident. 
  1-24      Coverage shall be available to the named insured, 
  1-25      resident spouse, and any resident relative while 
  1-26      occupying the covered motor vehicle, and to any other 
  1-27      person legally occupying a covered motor vehicle. 
  1-28      Expenses must be incurred for services rendered within 
  1-29      three years from the date of the accident; provided, 
  1-30      however, that nothing shall prevent an insurer from 
  1-31      allowing a longer period of time.  Any rule or 
  1-32      regulation promulgated which expands or conflicts with 
  1-33      this definition shall be null and void. 
  2- 1      (1)(2) 'Motor vehicle' means a vehicle having more than 
  2- 2      three load-bearing wheels of a kind required to be 
  2- 3      registered under the laws of this state relating to 
  2- 4      motor vehicles designed primarily for operation upon the 
  2- 5      public streets, roads, and highways and driven by power 
  2- 6      other than muscular power.  The term includes a trailer 
  2- 7      drawn by or attached to such a vehicle. 
  2- 8      (2)(3) 'Owner' means the natural person, corporation, 
  2- 9      firm, partnership, cooperative, association, group, 
  2-10      trust, estate, organization, or other entity in whose 
  2-11      name the motor vehicle has been registered.  If no 
  2-12      registration is in effect at the time of an accident 
  2-13      involving the motor vehicle, the term means the natural 
  2-14      person, corporation, firm, partnership, cooperative, 
  2-15      association, group, trust, estate, organization, or 
  2-16      other entity who holds the legal title to the motor 
  2-17      vehicle or, in the event the motor vehicle is subject to 
  2-18      a security agreement or lease with an option to purchase 
  2-19      with the debtor or the lessee having the right to 
  2-20      possession, the term means the debtor or the lessee. 
  2-21      (3)(4) 'Self-insurer' means any owner who has on file 
  2-22      with the Commissioner of Insurance an approved plan of 
  2-23      self-insurance which provides for coverages, benefits, 
  2-24      and efficient claims handling procedures substantially 
  2-25      equivalent to those afforded by a policy of automobile 
  2-26      liability insurance that complies with all of the 
  2-27      requirements of this chapter." 
  2-28                           SECTION 2. 
  2-29  Said chapter is further amended by adding immediately 
  2-30  following Code Section 33-34-3 a new Code Section 33-34-3.1 
  2-31  to read as follows: 
  2-32    "33-34-3.1. 
  2-33    (a) All insurers writing private passenger automobile 
  2-34    insurance in this state shall file rates and forms for 
  2-35    medical payments coverage for a limit of at least 
  2-36    $2,000.00 but may file rates for higher limits. 
  2-37    (b) Insurers may offer other optional coverage including 
  2-38    combinations of sublimits and interests restricted to 
  2-39    named insureds and resident relatives. Insurers may make 
  2-40    collision, comprehensive, and loss of use coverages 
  2-41    available as separate individual coverages and subject to 
  3- 1    differing levels of deductibles at the request of the 
  3- 2    policyholder. 
  3- 3    (c) Any rule or regulation promulgated which expands or 
  3- 4    conflicts with this Code section shall be null and void." 
  3- 5                           SECTION 3. 
  3- 6  This Act shall become effective upon the signature of the 
  3- 7  Governor or on July 1, 1997, whichever first occurs. 
  3- 8                           SECTION 4. 
  3- 9  All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are 
  3-10  repealed. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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