HR 957 - School systems; authorize mill limitation decrease - CA

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A RESOLUTION proposing an amendment to the Constitution so as to authorize a decrease of the mill limitation for any school system; and for other purposes.

Mueller, Anne O'Quin (152nd) Day, Jr., C. Burke (153rd) Irvin, Robert A (45th)
Tolbert, Scott (25th)
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2/4/98 Read 1st Time
2/5/98 Read 2nd Time

HR 957                                             LC 18 8494 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Proposing an amendment to the Constitution so as to 
  1- 2  authorize a decrease of the mill limitation for any school 
  1- 3  system; to provide for the submission of this amendment for 
  1- 4  ratification or rejection; and for other purposes. 
  1- 6                           SECTION 1. 
  1- 7  Article VIII, Section VI of the Constitution is amended by 
  1- 8  striking Paragraph II and inserting in its place a new 
  1- 9  Paragraph II to read as follows: 
  1-10      "Paragraph II. Decreasing, increasing, or removing tax 
  1-11    rate.  The mill limitation in effect on June 30, 1983, for 
  1-12    any school system may be decreased, increased, or removed 
  1-13    by action of the respective boards of education, but only 
  1-14    after such action has been approved by a majority of the 
  1-15    qualified voters voting thereon in the particular school 
  1-16    system to be affected in the manner provided by law." 
  1-17                           SECTION 2. 
  1-18  The above proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be 
  1-19  published and submitted as provided in Article X, Section I, 
  1-20  Paragraph II of the Constitution. 
  1-21  The ballot submitting the above proposed amendment shall 
  1-22  have written or printed thereon the following: 
  1-23    "(  ) YES Shall the Constitution be amended so as to 
  1-24              authorize a decrease of the mill limitation 
  1-25     (  ) NO  for any school system?" 
  1-26  All persons desiring to vote in favor of ratifying the 
  1-27  proposed amendment shall vote "Yes."  All persons desiring 
  1-28  to vote against ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote 
  1-29  "No." 
  1-30  If such amendment shall be ratified as provided in said 
  1-31  Paragraph of the Constitution, it shall become a part of the 
  1-32  Constitution of this state. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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