HR 891 - Dodd, W. J.; condolences

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A RESOLUTION expressing regret at the passing of W.J. Dodd; and for other purposes.

Breedlove, Keith R (85th) Coleman, Jr., Brooks P (80th) Johnson, Jere W (84th)
Dix, Scott (76th) Crews, Ronald A (78th) Massey, Warren (86th)
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HR 891                                             LC 24 0980 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Expressing regret at the passing of WJ Dodd; and for other 
  1- 2  purposes. 
  1- 3  WHEREAS, WJ Dodd was a remarkable man, a visionary leader, 
  1- 4  and a consummate politician; and 
  1- 5  WHEREAS, WJ used his talents and his charm to make Gwinnett 
  1- 6  County and the City of Sugar Hill better places to live; and 
  1- 7  WHEREAS, he began his career in public service as a 
  1- 8  sheriff's deputy in 1965, rising rapidly to become sheriff 
  1- 9  in 1969, which office he held until 1984. In 1989, WJ was 
  1-10  elected county commissioner for Gwinnett County District 1, 
  1-11  and he also found time to serve on the city council of Sugar 
  1-12  Hill; and 
  1-13  WHEREAS, WJ's career with Gwinnett County coincided with the 
  1-14  county's remarkable growth - those who knew WJ say that is 
  1-15  no coincidence, that the man was responsible in large part 
  1-16  for Gwinnett's success; and 
  1-17  WHEREAS, handling the recession of the 1980s and the 
  1-18  increase in demand for services of the early 1990s were some 
  1-19  of the county commission's toughest missions, but with WJ's 
  1-20  help, the commission sailed through with flying colors; and 
  1-21  WHEREAS, under WJ's watchful eye, the county built libraries 
  1-22  and parks, studied public transportation, built the pretrial 
  1-23  detention center, shrunk government, and provided the 
  1-24  significant structural support for Gwinnett's continued 
  1-25  healthy growth; and 
  1-26  WHEREAS, it is only fitting and appropriate that the 
  1-27  contributions of WJ Dodd be recognized and that we, on 
  1-28  behalf of the citizens of Georgia, express regret at the 
  1-29  passing of a great public servant and a wonderful man. 
  1-31  REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body recognize the 
  1-32  innumerable contributions of WJ Dodd and express their 
  1-33  regret at his passing and send their deepest condolences to 
  1-34  WJ's family and friends. 
  2- 1  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of 
  2- 2  Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an 
  2- 3  appropriate copy of this resolution to the family of WJ 
  2- 4  Dodd. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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