HR 402 - Commuter rail service to Northwest Georgia; support

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A RESOLUTION supporting the development of commuter rail service to Northwest Georgia from the intermodal transportation station in downtown Atlanta through the City of Marietta and Cartersville on the existing CSX tracks; and for other purposes.

Manning, Judith H (32nd) Shipp, Kem W (38th) Parsons, Don L (40th)
Wiles, John J (34th) Franklin, Jr., Robert L (39th) Bradford, Frank (30th)
Status Summary HC: Trans SC: LA: 03/20/97 H - Passed/Adopted (CSFA)
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3/13/97 Favorably Reported
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3/20/97 Passed/Adopted
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HR 402                                            HR 402/CSFA 
      By:  Representatives Manning of the 32nd, Shipp of the 38th, 
      Parsons of the 40th, Wiles of the 34th, Franklin of the 39th 
      and others 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Supporting the development of commuter rail service to 
  1- 2  Northwest Georgia from the intermodal transportation station 
  1- 3  in downtown Atlanta through the City of Marietta and 
  1- 4  Cartersville, Dalton and Calhoun on the existing CSX tracks 
  1- 5  and on additional tracks to the City of Rome; and for other 
  1- 6  purposes. 
  1- 7  WHEREAS, the population and economies of counties to the 
  1- 8  north and west of the City of Atlanta have grown rapidly 
  1- 9  over the past three decades; and 
  1-10  WHEREAS, the ever-increasing volumes of vehicle traffic 
  1-11  associated with this growth continue to require massive 
  1-12  expenditures on new infrastructure; and 
  1-13  WHEREAS, the negative impacts of this vehicle traffic on the 
  1-14  quality of water and air in the region are becoming of 
  1-15  increasing concern; and 
  1-16  WHEREAS, one alternative available to meet the growing 
  1-17  transportation needs of the region is the development of 
  1-18  commuter rail lines; and 
  1-19  WHEREAS, commuter rail reduces travel time for long 
  1-20  commutes, provides the opportunity for relaxation during 
  1-21  travel, and stimulates economic development in the transit 
  1-22  corridor; and 
  1-23  WHEREAS, existing railroad right of way is already in place 
  1-24  which could be designed and developed to accommodate 
  1-25  commuter rail development. 
  1-27  REPRESENTATIVES that this body supports and desires the 
  1-28  development of commuter rail service into Atlanta through 
  1-29  the City of Marietta and Cartersville, Rome, Dalton and 
  1-30  Calhoun from communities to the north and west of the City 
  1-31  of Marietta utilizing, where feasible, the existing railroad 
  1-32  rights of way. 
  1-33  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this body supports the 
  1-34  development of an intermodal transit station in downtown 
  1-35  Atlanta to link commuter rail service to other areas and 
  2- 1  supports alternative modes of transportation throughout the 
  2- 2  metropolitan Atlanta area. 
  2- 3  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of 
  2- 4  Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit 
  2- 5  appropriate copies of this resolution to the Mayor and 
  2- 6  Council of the City of Marietta, Georgia, and Cartersville, 
  2- 7  Georgia, Rome, Georgia, Calhoun, Georgia and Dalton, 
  2- 8  Georgia. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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