HR 1285 - Spraggins, Nita; commend

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A RESOLUTION commending Nita Spraggins; and for other purposes.

Smith, Larry (109th) Cash, J. Steven (108th) Sanders, Bill (107th)
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3/12/98 Read 1st Time
3/12/98 Passed/Adopted

HR 1285                                            LC 18 8998 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Commending Nita Spraggins; and for other purposes. 
  1- 2  WHEREAS, Nita Spraggins has long been recognized by the 
  1- 3  citizens of Henry County for the vital role that she has 
  1- 4  played in community leadership and her deep personal 
  1- 5  commitment to the welfare of the citizens of Georgia; and 
  1- 6  WHEREAS, she has diligently and conscientiously devoted 
  1- 7  innumerable hours of her time, talents, and energy toward 
  1- 8  the betterment of her community and state as evidenced 
  1- 9  dramatically by her many years of service as a member of the 
  1-10  board of commissioners of Henry County; and 
  1-11  WHEREAS, her significant organizational and leadership 
  1-12  talents, her remarkable patience and diplomacy, her keen 
  1-13  sense of vision, and her sensitivity to the needs of the 
  1-14  citizens of her community have earned her the respect and 
  1-15  admiration of her colleagues and associates; and 
  1-16  WHEREAS, she is a person of magnanimous strengths with an 
  1-17  unimpeachable reputation for integrity, intelligence, 
  1-18  fairness, and kindness; and 
  1-19  WHEREAS, it is abundantly fitting and proper that the 
  1-20  outstanding accomplishments of this distinguished Georgian 
  1-21  be appropriately recognized. 
  1-23  REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body commend Nita 
  1-24  Spraggins for her many years of efficient, effective, 
  1-25  unselfish, and dedicated public service to the citizens of 
  1-26  her community and state and extend to her their most sincere 
  1-27  best wishes for continued health and happiness. 
  1-28  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House is 
  1-29  authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of 
  1-30  this resolution to Nita Spraggins. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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