HR 1276 - Public works; certain aspects; create study committee

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A RESOLUTION creating the Study Committee on Public Works Delivery System, Design, Construction, and Awarding; and for other purposes.

Williams, Robin L (114th) Lucas, David E (124th) Coleman, Terry L (142nd)
Burkhalter, Joseph Mark (41st) Parrish, Larry (Butch) J (144th)
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3/12/98 Read 1st Time
3/13/98 Read 2nd Time

HR 1276                                            LC 26 0804 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Creating the Study Committee on Public Works Delivery 
  1- 2  Systems, Design, Construction, and Awarding; and for other 
  1- 3  purposes. 
  1- 4  WHEREAS, the design and construction of public facilities 
  1- 5  and infrastructure by state agencies, local governments, and 
  1- 6  educational institutions are of enormous value to all the 
  1- 7  people of Georgia; and 
  1- 8  WHEREAS, the traditional process of design-bid-build has 
  1- 9  been a valuable and proven project delivery system that has 
  1-10  served the state well for many years; and 
  1-11  WHEREAS, the design and construction industry has evolved to 
  1-12  recognize other viable construction project management and 
  1-13  delivery systems beyond the traditional design-bid-build 
  1-14  system; and 
  1-15  WHEREAS, state law has detailed procedures for traditional 
  1-16  design and construction procurement methods but has little 
  1-17  or no direction on use of nontraditional methods; and 
  1-18  WHEREAS, this lack of guidance has led to ambiguous or 
  1-19  inconsistent policies and procedures for nontraditional 
  1-20  project management and delivery systems; and 
  1-21  WHEREAS, public owners and the design and construction 
  1-22  industry have an interest in ensuring that state and local 
  1-23  units of government get value for their facility and 
  1-24  infrastructure investments. 
  1-26  REPRESENTATIVES that the Study Committee on Public Works 
  1-27  Delivery Systems, Design, Construction, and Awarding is 
  1-28  created.  The committee shall be composed of three members 
  1-29  of the House of Representatives to be appointed by the 
  1-30  Speaker of the House of Representatives, two persons with 
  1-31  expertise in the design and construction industry to be 
  1-32  appointed by the legislative members of the committee, and 
  1-33  one person from each of the following groups: Associated 
  1-34  General Contractors, American Institute of Architects, 
  1-35  Consulting Engineers Council, Association of State 
  1-36  Facilities Administrators, Georgia Municipal Association, 
  2- 1  Association County Commissioners of Georgia, the chairperson 
  2- 2  of the Committee on Architecture for Education of the 
  2- 3  American Institute of Architecture, and Georgia School Board 
  2- 4  Association. The Speaker of the House of Representatives 
  2- 5  shall designate a member of the committee to act as 
  2- 6  chairperson of the committee for the purposes of calling the 
  2- 7  organizational meeting.  At such organizational meeting, the 
  2- 8  members of the committee shall elect a member to serve as 
  2- 9  chairperson.  The chairperson shall call all meetings of the 
  2-10  committee. 
  2-11  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the committee shall undertake a 
  2-12  study of the conditions, needs, issues, and problems 
  2-13  mentioned above or related thereto and recommend any actions 
  2-14  or legislation which the committee deems necessary or 
  2-15  appropriate. Such study shall include the applicability and 
  2-16  procurement of nontraditional construction 
  2-17  management/delivery methods such as program management, 
  2-18  construction management, design-bid-build, and other viable 
  2-19  systems applicable for use in the public arena. The 
  2-20  committee may conduct such meetings at such places and at 
  2-21  such times as it may deem necessary or convenient to enable 
  2-22  it to exercise fully and effectively its powers, perform its 
  2-23  duties, and accomplish the objectives and purposes of this 
  2-24  resolution.  The members of the committee shall receive the 
  2-25  allowances authorized for legislative members of interim 
  2-26  legislative committees but shall receive the same for not 
  2-27  more than five days unless additional days are authorized. 
  2-28  The funds necessary to carry out the provisions of this 
  2-29  resolution shall come from the funds appropriated to the 
  2-30  House of Representatives.  In the event the committee makes 
  2-31  a report of its findings and recommendations, with 
  2-32  suggestions for proposed legislation, if any, such report 
  2-33  shall be made on or before December 31, 1998.  The committee 
  2-34  shall stand abolished on December 31, 1998. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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