HR 1160 - Jackson, Carol; commend

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A RESOLUTION commending Mrs. Carol Jackson; and for other purposes.

Twiggs, Ralph (8th) Dobbs, Denny M (92nd) Bridges, Sr., Ben D (9th)
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HR 1160                                            LC 10 2501 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Commending Mrs. Carol Jackson; and for other purposes. 
  1- 2  WHEREAS, Mrs. Carol Jackson has served with distinction as 
  1- 3  Clerk of the Superior Court of White County for the past 14 
  1- 4  years; and 
  1- 5  WHEREAS, Mrs. Jackson attended White County schools; Truett 
  1- 6  McConnell College; North Georgia College, where she majored 
  1- 7  in business administration; and the University of Georgia's 
  1- 8  Institute of Judicial Education; and 
  1- 9  WHEREAS, she has been married for 37 years to businessman 
  1-10  Glen Jackson and they have two children and three 
  1-11  grandchildren; and 
  1-12  WHEREAS, Mrs. Jackson is a member of the Chamber of 
  1-13  Commerce, the White County Rotary Club, the Northeast 
  1-14  Georgia Police Academy Board, the Supreme Court's Commission 
  1-15  on Equality in the Courts, and the National Association of 
  1-16  Court Managers; and 
  1-17  WHEREAS, she has held numerous offices, including President 
  1-18  of the Superior Court Clerks Association of Georgia; and 
  1-19  WHEREAS, she has received the "Stetson Bennett Clerk of the 
  1-20  Year" award from the ninth district and was chosen as 
  1-21  "County Officer of the Year" by the County Officers 
  1-22  Association of Georgia; and 
  1-23  WHEREAS, she and her family are lifetime residents of 
  1-24  Northeast Georgia and are members of Mt. Yonah Baptist 
  1-25  Church in Cleveland, Georgia; and 
  1-26  WHEREAS, Mrs. Jackson has provided inspiration to others 
  1-27  through her many contributions to the civic, religious, 
  1-28  economic, and political life of her community and state. 
  1-30  REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body extend their 
  1-31  sincerest and lasting appreciation to Mrs. Carol Jackson for 
  1-32  the outstanding services she has rendered for her county and 
  1-33  the state as Clerk of the Superior Court of White County. 
  2- 1  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of 
  2- 2  Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an 
  2- 3  appropriate copy of this resolution to Mrs. Carol Jackson, 
  2- 4  Clerk of the Superior Court of White County. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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