HR 1096 - Moyers, William Cope; invite to House

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A RESOLUTION commending William Cope Moyers and inviting him to appear before the House of Representatives; and for other purposes.

Orrock, Nan (56th)
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HR 1096                                            LC 22 3084 
                             A RESOLUTION 
  1- 1  Commending William Cope Moyers and inviting him to appear 
  1- 2  before the House of Representatives; and for other purposes. 
  1- 3  WHEREAS, William Cope Moyers is Director of Public Policy 
  1- 4  for the Hazelden Foundation; and 
  1- 5  WHEREAS, his valuable work focuses on policy issues relating 
  1- 6  to alcohol and drug addiction; and 
  1- 7  WHEREAS, an award winning journalist with Cable News Network 
  1- 8  and other news organizations for 15 years, he often uses his 
  1- 9  own personal experiences to explain addiction's power to 
  1-10  enslave and recovery's power to free individuals; and 
  1-11  WHEREAS, he has been a persuasive advocate for national 
  1-12  legislation requiring parity in insurance coverage for 
  1-13  mental health and substance abuse treatment; and 
  1-14  WHEREAS, the Georgia Association for the Prevention and 
  1-15  Treatment of Substance Abuse invited him to visit Atlanta 
  1-16  and the members of the General Assembly; and 
  1-17  WHEREAS, his visit is sponsored by Ridgeview Institute, the 
  1-18  Georgia chapter of the American Society of Addiction 
  1-19  Medicine, Georgia Hospitals Association, Georgia Psychiatric 
  1-20  Physicians Association, Georgia Addiction Counselors' 
  1-21  Association, the Addiction Technology Transfer Center at 
  1-22  Morehouse School of Medicine, and St. Jude's Recovery Center 
  1-23  of Atlanta; and 
  1-24  WHEREAS, the destructive impact of addiction on the people 
  1-25  of Georgia is evident on the streets of our cities, on the 
  1-26  pages of our newspapers, the allocations of our budget, in 
  1-27  our courtrooms and the cells of our prisons, and in our 
  1-28  shattered families. 
  1-30  REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body commend 
  1-31  William Cope Moyers for his outstanding work in developing 
  1-32  effective public policy recommendations to confront the 
  1-33  tragedies of addiction and invite him to appear before the 
  1-34  House of Representatives at a time and date to be determined 
  1-35  by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. 
  2- 1  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of 
  2- 2  Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an 
  2- 3  appropriate copy of this resolution to William Cope Moyers. 

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
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