House Hum Relations & Aging (HumR) Committee
Legislation Assigned to the Committee
HB 72 Handicapped parking; permits issued to institutions
Murphy, Thomas B (18th)
HC: HumR SC: 03/28/97 H - Recommitted
HB 79 Handicapped parking; enforcement personnel; uniforms (2)
Hegstrom, June (66th) Baker, Thurbert E (70th) (Resigned) Sherrill, Tom (62nd)
Byrd, Roger C (170th)
HC: HumR SC: Trans 04/14/97 Signed by Governor
HB 287 Personal care homes; change name to assisted living facilities
Lucas, David E (124th) Sherrill, Tom (62nd) Williams, Betty Jo (63rd)
Trense, Sharon (44th) Smith, Jr., Vance C (102nd) Irvin, Robert A (45th)
HC: HumR SC: CAFF 02/10/97 S - Read 1st Time (FSFA )
HB 297 Res care facilities for elderly authorities; powers; amend prov (4)
Lucas, David E (124th)
HC: HumR SC: B&FI 04/29/97 Signed by Governor
HB 376 Tollways; exempt certain disabled persons
Mills, James W (21st) Crews, Ronald A (78th)
HC: HumR SC: 02/04/97 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 651 Death of person in another's care; required notification (2)
Mueller, Anne O'Quin (152nd)
HC: HumR SC: SJUD 04/29/97 Signed by Governor
HB 1289 PSC; cert radioactive material; regulate transportation
Hegstrom, June (66th) Orrock, Nan (56th) Martin, Jim (47th)
Mobley, Barbara J (69th) McClinton, JoAnn (68th) Stanley, Pamela A (49th)
HC: HumR SC: 01/29/98 H - Unfavorably Reported
HB 1628 Nursing homes; pilot exercise program for certain residents
Smith, Lynn R (103rd) Turnquest, Henrietta (73rd) Brown, Jeff (130th)
Epps, Carl Von (131st) Bohannon, Pamela W (139th) Graves, David B (125th)
HC: HumR SC: 02/26/98 H - Favorably Reported (Sub)
HB 1661 Worthless financial instruments; district attorney's action
Sherrill, Tom (62nd) Teper, Doug (61st) Polak, Michael C (67th)
Jenkins, Curtis S (110th) Henson, Michele (65th)
HC: HumR SC: 02/18/98 H - Favorably Reported

SB 176 Day-Care, Group-Care Facility - prohibit cert.employment, residence (3)
Price, Thomas E (56) Oliver, Mary M (42nd) Johnson, Eric B (1st)
SC: SJUD HC: HumR 04/14/97 Signed by Governor
SB 267 Public Assistance - establish social assistance register
Clay, Charles C (37th) Johnson, Eric B (1st) Ray, II, William M (48th)
SC: H&HS HC: HumR 03/28/97 H - Committed (CS )

Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
Last Updated on 05/04/98

1>03/28/97 H - Committed (CS )
Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk
Last Updated on 05/04/98