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President Pro Tem Sonny Perdue (D-18)
State Capitol / Room 321 / Atlanta, GA 30334
P.O. Box 698 / Bonaire, GA 31005
Capitol District Fax
(404) 656-6892 (912) 922-9065
Bio Info Legislation
Committee Assignments
Member Senate Appropriations (App)
Member Senate Ethics (Ethics)
Member Senate Finance & Public Utilities (F&PU)
Member Senate Health & Human Services (H&HS)
Member Senate Reapportionment (Reapp)
Member Senate Rules (Rules)
Ex-Officio Senate Economic Development, Tourism & Cultural Affairs
Counties Represented
1 Bibb County
2 Bleckley County
3 Houston County
4 Pulaski County

Biographical Information

Sonny Perdue, a Democrat from Bonaire, serves the 18th District in the Georgia Senate. The district includes Houston, Bleckley, and Pulaski Counties, as well as a portion of Bibb County. During his relatively short tenure as a State Senator, Sonny Perdue's reputation as a skilled listener and patient decision maker has earned him the respect of his colleagues as one of the body's most effective consensus builders. Perdue has been able to use his position, first as Senate Majority Leader and now as President Pro-Tem, to ensure that the interests of Georgia's taxpayers are always at the forefront of state policy. In a time of increasing apathy toward state government, Senator Perdue (known as Sonny around the Capitol), has never forgotten that the job of state government is to serve people, not play politics.

Perdue is a member of the powerful Appropriations, Rules and Ethics committees. He also serves on the Finance & Public Utilities Committee, as well as the Reapportionment, Health & Human Services, State and Local Governmental Operations, and the Economic Development, Tourism & Cultural Affairs committees.

As a former chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, Perdue was able to build coalitions between numerous public and private interests. The result was a united front dedicated to the collaboration between Georgia's public technical institutes and the university system, two of the most respected and popular postsecondary systems in the nation.

A number of other committees have also benefited from Perdue's energy and leadership. As chairman of the Senate Defense Conversion Strategic Study Committee at a time of nationwide base closures and realignment, Perdue played an important role in protecting Georgia's military assets, identifying and enhancing their military value through cooperation with business and local communities.

A small business owner, Perdue has witnessed the transition of his native Middle Georgia from rural agrarian to a vibrant economic growth community giving him a unique perspective into rural/urban issues. He has used this experience on the Georgia Future Communities Commission. Through this committee, he has helped pass tax breaks for small businesses, as well as pass other legislation to assist Georgia's smaller communities with economic development and job growth.

Fully aware of the uses and benefits of new technology, Perdue has been a leader at the Capitol in guiding the General Assembly through the Information Age. His authorship of Senate Bill 137 in the 1995 Legislative Session resulted in the deregulation of telecommunication in Georgia. He is an avid supporter of making the Internet and other technology available to all Georgians through local schools and libraries. He currently represents Georgia on the Communications and Information Policy Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). He also served as co-chair of the Joint Commission on Legislative Information Management.

During the 1997 Session Perdue is again positioned as a leader in deregulation, this time with the deregulation of natural gas. Placing a strong emphasis on the residential and small business user, Perdue has crafted a bill that is hailed nationally as a new benchmark for natural gas deregulation legislation and it is being watched for use as a model in other states.

Statewide, Perdue is involved in various projects designed to boost economic development within Georgia. He has been appointed to represent Georgia on the Southern Growth Policies Board, as well as the Economic & Cultural Development Committee of the Southern Legislative Conference. He also represents the state on the Education and Job Training Committee. From these posts, he is able to learn about programs used successfully by other states and cities, and bring these ideas home to improve job growth and economic development in Georgia.

Born December 20, 1946 in Perry, Perdue earned a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia. He volunteered to serve in the U.S. Air Force from 1971-74--during the Vietnam era--receiving the rank of Captain. He is an active small business owner concentrating on agri-business and transportation.

When Senator Perdue is not busy with legislative and business matters, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, and their four children, Leigh, Lara, Jim, and Dan. The Perdues are Baptists.

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