Georgia Senate
SB 157 - Family Violence - domestic violence intervention program

Sponsor and CoSponsors
Clay, Charles C Burton, Joe Boshears, Edward E
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F/R: 01/24/95 L/A: 04/15/96 Signed by Governor
Titles Amended: 42
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First Reader Summary

A bill to amend Chapter 13 of Title 19 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to family violence, so as to provide that judges may order any person who has committed family violence to participate in a domestic violence intervention program; to provide for the contents and cost of such programs; to provide for monitoring of such offenders by the court.

Actions Taken

               SENATE                         HOUSE 
             1/24/95   Read 1st time          2/17/95       
             2/10/95   Favorably Reported     2/9/96        
             Sub       Committee Amend/Sub    Sub           
             2/13/95   Read 2nd Time          2/20/95       
             2/16/95   Read 3rd Time          3/18/96       
             2/16/95   Passed/Adopted         3/18/96       
             CS        Comm/Floor Amend/Sub   CS            
             3/18/96   Amend/Sub Agreed To                  
             3/29/96   Sent To Governor                     
             4/15/96   Signed by Governor                   
             964       Act/Veto Number                      

Code Sections

Code Sections amended: 42-5-21, 42-8-35.6, 42-9-45

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