Georgia House of Representatives
HB 391 - Private graveyards; prohibit development

Sponsor and CoSponsors
Howard, Henry L Williams, Robin L Brush, B. Joseph
James, Lynmore
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F/R: 01/25/95 L/A: 01/26/95 H - Read 2nd Time
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First Reader Summary

A BILL to amend Title 36 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to local government, so as to prohibit the disturbance of marked graves in private graveyards by public or private development; to provide that any person acquiring real property which contains a private graveyard shall be prohibited from developing that portion of such real property; and for other purposes.

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               HOUSE                          SENATE
              1/25/95  Read 1st Time                        
              1/26/95  Read 2nd Time                        

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