Georgia House of Representatives
HB1605 - Irwin County; board of commissioners; elections

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Hudson, Newt
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F/R: 02/06/96 L/A: 03/25/96 Signed by Governor
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First Reader Summary

A BILL to amend an Act creating the board of commissioners of Irwin County, so as to provide for staggered elections for the chairman and members of the board; and for other purposes.

Actions Taken

               HOUSE                          SENATE
              2/6/96   Read 1st Time         2/9/96         
              2/7/96   Read 2nd Time                        
              2/8/96   Favorably Reported    2/14/96        
              2/8/96   Read 3rd Time                        
              2/8/96   Passed/Adopted        2/14/96        
              3/20/96  Sent to Governor                     
              3/25/96  Signed by Governor                   
              574      Act/Veto Number                      
              3/25/96  Effective Date                       

Code Sections

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Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk of the House
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