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HB1224 - Conservation and natural resources; regulations; date ref

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Porter, DuBose Hanner, Robert P
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F/R: 01/10/96 L/A: 04/01/96 Signed by Governor
Titles Amended: 12
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First Reader Summary

A BILL to amend Title 12 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to conservation and natural resources, so as to change certain references to regulations promulgated by the Board of Natural Resources and regulations promulgated by the administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency; and for other purposes.

Actions Taken

               HOUSE                          SENATE
              1/10/96  Read 1st Time         2/2/96         
              1/11/96  Read 2nd Time         2/9/96         
              1/25/96  Favorably Reported    2/8/96         
              2/1/96   Read 3rd Time         3/7/96         
              2/1/96   Passed/Adopted        3/7/96         
              3/19/96  Sent to Governor                     
              4/1/96   Signed by Governor                   
              640      Act/Veto Number                      
              4/1/96   Effective Date                       

Code Sections

Code Sections amended: 12-2-2, 12-8-62, 12-8-92

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