Georgia House of Representatives
Legislation Sponsored by Rep. Denny M. Dobbs

Dobbs Clerk's Page
HB 148 Intergovernmental Solid Waste Coordinating Council; create
HC: NatR SC: NatR 04/25/96 Vetoed by Governor
HB 247 Blasting near underground pipes; utility responsibility
HC: Ind SC: 01/23/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 435 County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council; provisions
HC: SI&P SC: Corr 04/10/95 Signed by Governor
HB 436 Corrections; create school district for incarcerated youth
HC: SI&P SC: Corr 04/07/95 Signed by Governor
HB 437 Probation; cert offenses; termination of supervision
HC: SI&P SC: 03/17/95 H - Recommitted (H-Sub )
HB 576 State Properties Commission; membership
HC: SI&P SC: F&PU 04/20/95 Signed by Governor
HB 691 Teachers Retirement; 55 years of age
HC: Ret SC: Ret 04/15/96 Signed by Governor
HB 768 Safe Dams Act; definitions; extend certain exemption
HC: NatR SC: 03/17/95 H - Recommitted (H-Sub )
HB 836 Claims Advisory Board; certain payments; repeal provisions
HC: App SC: 02/27/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 934 Alcovy Judicial Circuit; add judge
HC: Judy SC: 03/07/95 H - Read 2nd Time

HB1023 Alcovy Judicial Circuit; judges' supplement
HC: LLeg SC: SLGO 04/05/95 Signed by Governor
HB1036 Water pollutants; permit fees; certain discharge; surcharge
HC: NatR SC: 03/14/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1157 Hazardous site; purchaser of property; liability
HC: NatR SC: 01/09/96 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1158 Eminent domain; expenses paid by condemnor
HC: Judy SC: 01/09/96 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1277 Hazardous Site Reuse and Redevelopment Act; enact
HC: NatR SC: 02/08/96 H - Favorably Reported (H-Sub )
HB1670 Structural pest control; certain information required in contracts
HC: Ind SC: 02/13/96 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1695 Newton County; homestead exemption
HC: LLeg SC: SLGO 04/01/96 Signed by Governor
HB1823 Newton County; water and sewerage authority; bonds
HC: LLeg SC: SLGO 04/01/96 Signed by Governor
HR 172 Brandenburg, Charlotte; compensate
HC: App SC: App 04/11/95 Signed by Governor
HR 269 "Engineers' Day" in Georgia; declare February 7, 1995
HC: SC: 02/06/95 H - Passed/Adopted
HR 751 Banks, Lamar and Catherine; compensate
HC: App SC: 01/09/96 H - Read 2nd Time

HR 823 Regional development center boundaries; ratify change
HC: SPCA SC: Rules 02/13/96 S - Read 1st Time (H-FA )
HR 888 "Engineers Day" in Georgia; declare 2/6/96
HC: Ind SC: 02/01/96 H - Passed/Adopted
HR1129 State Land Trust; General Assembly establish by general law - CA
HC: Judy SC: F&PU 03/18/96 S - Passed/Adopted (S-FA )

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