Georgia House of Representatives
Legislation Sponsored by Rep. Joe Heckstall

Heckstall Clerk's Page
HB 608 Real property; eligibility for homestead exemp; notification
HC: W&M SC: 02/07/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1380 Landlords; criminal records checks of prospective renters
HC: SJudy SC: Judy 02/01/96 S - Read 1st Time
HB1381 State courts of counties; solicitors; additional duties
HC: SJudy SC: 02/27/96 H - Favorably Reported (H-Sub )
HB1514 College Park, City of; mayor and council; salaries
HC: LLeg SC: SLGO 03/25/96 Signed by Governor
HR 259 Illegal drugs; urge Congress to declare war
HC: Ind SC: H&HS 02/21/95 S - Read 1st Time (H-FA )

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Office of the Clerk of the House
Robert E. Rivers, Jr., Clerk of the House
Last Updated on 12/23/96