Georgia General Assembly
Title 51 - Torts

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HB 24 Conviction of innocent persons; remedies
Woods, Jim HC: SC: / /
HB 109 Health and liability insurance; statement of policy
Ladd, Bart HC: Ins SC: 01/10/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 195 Civil practice; limitation on actions; torts; wrongful death
Barnes, Roy E HC: Judy SC: 01/13/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 530 Torts; certain good faith actions; liability
Floyd, Johnny W HC: Judy SC: Judy 04/19/95 Signed by Governor
HB 585 Torts; rental dwellings; lead poisoning ; liability
Thomas, Regina HC: SJudy SC: 02/28/95 H - Unfavorably Reported
HB 720 Assistive technology devices; donor or lender; immunity
Ray, Robert F HC: Judy SC: 03/17/95 H - Recommitted (H-Sub )
HB1097 Torts; certain manufacturers; product liability insurance
Bailey, Jr., Frank I HC: Judy SC: 01/08/96 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1436 Residential rentals; lead-based paint; prohibitions; liability
Thomas, Regina HC: SJudy SC: 02/01/96 H - Favorably Reported (H-Sub )
HB1825 Torts; resident physicians; liability
Barnes, Roy E HC: Judy SC: 02/28/96 H - Read 2nd Time
SB 1 Civil Actions - special motions to strike unjustified lawsuits
Oliver, Mary M SC: Judy HC: Judy 04/01/96 Signed by Governor

SB 255 Property Damage by Minor - liability of parent, guardian
Ralston, David SC: Judy HC: Judy 03/17/95 H - Committed (H-Sub )

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