Georgia General Assembly
Title 26 - Food, Drugs & Cosmetics

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HB 126 Peanuts and peanut products; labeling requirements
Reaves, Henry L HC: Ag SC: 01/11/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 220 Ratites; include in livestock definition
Reaves, Henry L HC: Ag SC: Ag 04/07/95 Signed by Governor
HB 528 Public Health, Department and Board of; create
Baker, Thurbert E HC: H&E SC: H&HS 03/07/95 S - Read 1st Time (H-CSFA )
HB 544 Pharmaceutics; certain government purchases; prohibit
Parrish, Larry (Butch) J HC: H&E SC: 02/03/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 611 Reverse drug distributors and drug researchers; registration
Parham, Bobby E HC: H&E SC: H&HS 01/08/96 S - Read 3rd Time (S-Am )
HB 620 Food service; gloves and hair coverings; requirement
Randolph, Mamie M HC: H&E SC: 02/07/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB1437 Livestock; include certain exotic animals; amend Code
Reaves, Henry L HC: Ag SC: Ag 04/15/96 Signed by Governor
HB1496 Pharmacists; redefine clinic pharmacy
Snow, Mike HC: H&E SC: H&HS 04/15/96 Signed by Governor
HB1668 Repackaged food; labeling requirements
Watts, Charlie HC: Ind SC: 02/14/96 H - Read 2nd Time
SB 227 Child Support - no business license when not in compliance
Oliver, Mary M SC: Judy HC: Judy 04/02/96 Signed by Governor

SB 300 Pharmaceutical Drug Mfgrs.,Sel- lers - govt. price provisions
Harbison, Ed SC: CAff HC: 02/06/95 S - Read 1st time
SB 309 Pharmacists - conditions for generic drug substitution
Walker, Charles W SC: H&HS HC: H&E 03/17/95 H - Committed (H-Sub )
SB 495 Pharmacists - licensing, adulterated drugs, etc.
Madden, Eddie M SC: CAff HC: H&E 04/25/96 Signed by Governor

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