Georgia General Assembly
Title 18 - Debtor and Creditor

Georgia Code Title List Secretary's Page Clerk's Page
HB 557 Long-term care ombudsman; amend provisions
Lucas, David E HC: HumR SC: YA&HE 04/21/95 Signed by Governor
HB1208 Garnishment; affidavit for issuance of summons
Carter, Hanson HC: Judy SC: Judy 04/01/96 Signed by Governor
SB 134 Municipal Corp. - service, en- forcement of process, summons
Dean, Nathan SC: Corr HC: SPCA 04/21/95 Signed by Governor
SB 216 Local Govt. Fiscal Impact Act - provide
James, Donzella SC: SLGO HC: SPCA 03/17/95 H - Committed (H-Sub )

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