Georgia General Assembly
Title 08 - Buildings and Housing

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HB 85 Certain residential property; arbitration of disputes
Jones, Vernon A HC: Ind SC: 01/10/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 101 Housing authority police; provisions
Davis, Grace W HC: SPCA SC: 01/10/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 269 Elevators, etc.; violations; penalties
Orrock, Nan HC: Ind SC: ST&I 04/10/95 Signed by Governor
HB 390 Housing authorities; officers and employees; immunity
Holmes, Bob HC: Judy SC: 01/26/95 H - Read 2nd Time
HB 528 Public Health, Department and Board of; create
Baker, Thurbert E HC: H&E SC: H&HS 03/07/95 S - Read 1st Time (H-CSFA )
HB 601 State and certain other vehicles; permanent license plates
Snow, Mike HC: MotV SC: Trans 04/21/95 Signed by Governor
HB 653 Handicapped accessible pub facil- ities; compliance/ADAAG standards
Watson, Jr., Roy H HC: Ind SC: H&HS 01/08/96 S - Read 3rd Time (S-Am )
HB1221 Building codes; certain water and sewer lines; self-inspection
Benefield, Jimmy W HC: Ind SC: ST&I 04/25/96 Signed by Governor
HB1317 Pesticides or hazardous chemicals; usage in certain areas
Poston, Jr., McCracken K HC: H&E SC: Ag 04/08/96 Signed by Governor
HB1355 Housing authorities; private enterprise agreements; tax exemp
Holmes, Bob HC: SPCA SC: SLGO 04/15/96 Signed by Governor

HB1419 State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless; amend
Baker, Thurbert E HC: SPCA SC: EDT&C 04/09/96 Signed by Governor
HB1436 Residential rentals; lead-based paint; prohibitions; liability
Thomas, Regina HC: SJudy SC: 02/01/96 H - Favorably Reported (H-Sub )
SB 123 Housing Authorities - provide for cert. Indian tribes
Ragan, Harold SC: H&HS HC: SPCA 03/17/95 H - Committed (H-Sub )
SB 377 Chairlifts in Bldgs. Owned by Nonprofit Organ. - laws governing
Boshears, Edward E SC: CAff HC: Ind 04/20/95 Signed by Governor
SB 614 Bldg. Construction - restroom facilities
Marable, Richard O SC: SJudy HC: Ind 03/14/96 H - Favorably Reported (H-Sub )
SB 643 Housing Authorities - commissioners
Johnson, Eric B SC: SLGO HC: 02/21/96 S - Lost (S-Sub )

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