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HB 120 Jekyll Island--St Park Auth; cert land activity restrictions
Smith, Willou HC: SPCA 03/14/95 Signed by Governor
HB 147 Automated teller machines; install at welcome centers
Powell, Alan T HC: Ind 04/11/95 Signed by Governor
HB 271 Amusement and carnival rides; amend provisions
Orrock, Nan HC: IndR 04/10/95 Signed by Governor
HB 419 Excise tax; hotels/motels; expenditure requirements
Smith, Willou HC: Ind 04/14/95 Signed by Governor
HB 489 Pilots and pilotage; amend provisions
Dixon, Sonny A HC: Ind 04/19/95 Signed by Governor
HB 680 Distilled spirits; sales by drink on prem; referendum upon resolution
Stancil, Frank E HC: RBev 04/18/95 Signed by Governor
HB1228 Watercraft; flotation device; exempt Olympic games
Hanner, Robert P HC: GF&P 04/01/96 Signed by Governor
HB1327 Golf Hall of Fame; tax exempt nonprofit corporation
Connell, Jack HC: W&M 04/01/96 Signed by Governor
HB1419 State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless; amend
Baker, Thurbert E HC: SPCA 04/09/96 Signed by Governor
HB1838 Sports Hall of Fame Authority; powers
Lucas, David E HC: Rules 03/06/96 S - Read 1st Time
HR 49 Fulton County and MARTA; convey property
Murphy, Thomas B HC: SI&P 02/13/95 Signed by Governor
HR 161 Rosa M. Tarbutton Memorial Library; designate
Lord, Jimmy HC: SI&P 04/15/96 Signed by Governor
HR1137 Mattie's Bistro and Bakery's pecan pie; designate official state pie
White, John HC: 02/29/96 S - Read 1st Time
SB 27 Stone Mtn. Memorial Assoc. - bylaws, districts
Burton, Joe HC: GF&P 03/17/95 H - Committed (S-CS )
SB 35 Boxing Comm. - contract w/Non- profit Organ. for amateur boxing
Cheeks, Donald E HC: Ind 04/18/95 Signed by Governor
SB 41 American Indian Tribes - recognize additional band
Ralston, David HC: 01/11/95 S - Read 1st time
SB 46 Lottery for Educ. Acct. - appro- priations for computer training
Broun, Paul C HC: Ed 04/25/96 Signed by Governor
SB 132 Development Auth. - directors as officers, local employees
Broun, Paul C HC: SPCA 04/21/95 Signed by Governor
SB 178 Jekyll Island--State Pk Auth. - land sale, subdivision powers
Boshears, Edward E HC: 01/25/95 S - Read 1st time
SB 232 Beauty Pageants - written notice for entrants; bond amounts
Brown, Robert HC: SPCA 02/09/95 H - Read 2nd Time
SB 263 Special Lic. Plates - commemo- rating 1996 Paralympic Games
Broun, Paul C HC: App 04/07/95 Signed by Governor
SB 266 Indian Affairs Commission - establish
Boshears, Edward E HC: 02/01/95 S - Read 1st time
SB 400 Lottery - fidelity fund provisions
Broun, Paul C HC: Ind 04/18/95 Signed by Governor
SB 588 Music Hall of Fame Auth. - general powers
Dean, Nathan HC: SPCA 04/15/96 Signed by Governor
SB 604 Boat Operation - cert. restric- tions not apply at cert. events
Johnson, Eric B HC: GF&P 02/16/96 Signed by Governor
SB 626 Firefighter Appreciation Day - provide
Crotts, Mike D HC: PubS 04/09/96 Signed by Governor
SB 632 WCC Auth. - power to determine access to facilities
Clay, Charles C HC: Ind 02/08/96 H - Read 2nd Time
SB 665 Jekyll Island-State Park Auth. - fees for fire, pub. safety serv.
Boshears, Edward E HC: 02/01/96 S - Read 1st time
SB 683 Lottery Proceeds - redefine educ. purposes, programs
Glanton, Pam HC: 02/06/96 S - Read 1st time
SR 122 Educators Technology Train- ing Commission - create
Broun, Paul C HC: Ed 04/21/95 Signed by Governor
SR 525 Fulton Co. - conveyance of cert. state property
Broun, Paul C HC: SI&P 04/15/96 Signed by Governor

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