Committees of the Georgia House of Representatives

Ag App B&B C&Y D&VA Ed Ethics GF&P GAff
H&E HumR IndR Ind Ins IC IGC Jou Judy
L&CR MotV NatR PubS RBev Ret Rules SJudy SRules
SI&P SPCA Trans USys W&M
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This page provides a list of House Committees. The above table provides quick access. Below is a list with the full name. Click on the committee name in either place to obtain a list of the members, a list of the legislation assigned to the committee and a description of the committee's duties.

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Agriculture & Consumer Affairs (Ag)
Appropriations (App)
Banks & Banking (B&B)
Children & Youth (C&Y)
Defense & Veterans Affairs (D&VA)
Education (Ed)
Ethics (Ethics)
Game, Fish & Parks (GF&P)
Governmental Affairs (GAff)
Health & Ecology (H&E)
Hum Relations & Aging (HumR)
Industrial Relations (IndR)
Industry (Ind)
Insurance (Ins)
Interstate Cooperation (IC)
Intra-Governmental Coordination (IGC)
Journals (Jou)
Judiciary (Judy)
Legislative & Congressional Reappor. (L&CR)
Motor Vehicles (MotV)
Natural Resourses & Environment (NatR)
Public Safety (PubS)
Regulated Beverages (RBev)
Retirement (Ret)
Rules (Rules)
Special Judiciary (SJudy)
Special Rules (SRules)
State Institutions and Property (SI&P)
State Planning and Community Affairs (SPCA)
Transportation (Trans)
University System of Georgia (USys)
Ways & Means (W&M)

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